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Cool Toolbar Icons

If you want to give your software and web projects a professional look, Cool Toolbar Icons provides you with an extensive package of different types of icons designed for modern applications. Professionally designed and offering you guaranteed results, these icons come in a number of different color depths, sizes and image formats. Each icon in the package is provided in three variations - for normal, disabled and highlighted state.
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I'm a major fan of Picasso and these are absolutely brilliant.
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Wow, definitely bookmarked. Thank you.
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Very nice icon set :-)
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Very nice icon set :-)
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Nice icons! Very polished and versatile. I may have to use these on my website :)
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This may seem stupid, but how do we even use these?
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This list is awesome enough, actually I am waiting for the same to grab :)
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Thank you iconwanted. What a lovely set of icons! Nice choice of style too (angled, unlike the thousands of royalty free eps artwork available). Will do wonders for my pitches (social media is a hot topic) which often requires a paper based follow-up. Nice and clean illustrator files as you should expect really. next icon set I'd like to see? Iconic representation occupations: exec, techie, shopper, sports fanatic, education, utilities/services, public sector etc.
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