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3D Glossy Icons

3D Glossy icons is a professionally designed icon library containing 54 icons available in a variety of sizes ranging from 12x12 through to 64x64 and using a transparent background. They are available in three functional states - normal, hot and disabled. They are also available in ICO (Microsoft), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and BMP (Bitmap) formats. Download 3D Glossy Icon toolkit today for just $99.95!
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How to make this icon

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Really nice set, wil be using these I think,
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Thank you very much for these. Very well done!
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These are absolutely fantastic, it’s amazing how talented some people are.
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Merci de nous faire partager tout c,a !
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thanks for sharing .. great reference
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These are great! Just what I needed for a project for work. For that specific use, since the 4 I needed were FB, twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS, I ended up tweaking the colors a little to make the different blues more distinguishable and the orange slightly less, but these are really true to the sites’ logos! (Which is surprisingly hard to find!)
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I thought it was all about the money
NarcisoJaramill's avatar
Very cool !! Thanks a lot for this
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Awesome work! These are some nice icons..
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Lovely set, very detailed!
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thank you for the ones I could down load, have a great one
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Thanks! Nice icons.
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Good friends I hope are well… I am something new in this and wanted to know since I make him to install these packages of so good icons?
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I haven’t seen such a great collection for a long time. Thanks a lot!
VisionTeknology's avatar
really thakfull collection
AlfredMalleier's avatar
I dont use icons, i hide them
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What a great collection. Thank you for sharing. This page is now in my favorites.
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death genarals rock!
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Great. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.
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