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Photo Coloring 11.2

She looks gorgeous, doesn't she!?
I love comments, favs and credit.

Made in PhotoShopCS
Photo used as a preview is NOT mine! It is a magazine scan!

Yesterday I noticed that I have 4 000 hits on my page ^^
Currently I have:
74 watchers
471 favs
40 429 views on my deviantions!
Thank you for the support!

Yes I got messed up and have two actions with the number "11". I just don't have time to change names now ^^
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Obrigada! valeu!

Hi, Very good article,

Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

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wow... How did you do this? Impressive work done..I know Photoshop but not as good like yours. :)
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O-o how??? that's so great :D
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look to the right of where you entered your comment. it should say "download file" with a green arrow. hope this helps!
how can i download this action, please?
What does it mean when it says, "The command “Variations” is not currently available."? How do I fix it?
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Can someone tell me how to get the action? I have Photoshop Elements 11, but I can't figure out how to get it
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Thank you for this action.
superrrr , i <3 it !
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Beautiful ،

I liked ...
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