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cj inspired v2

By iconeo81
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second go around

see the first [link]

*edit* woohoo i got 1,000 plus views on this piece now...thx so much all
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Wow, how cool are the jumping people?!
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I love this, the colours are so vibrant! :3
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Your very good at vector imaging. Keep up the good work
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Wow This one is really great i love it but i seem to like the first one a bit more no offence I just like the first more.
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Very nice. I love the way you use colours to draw attention to the heart. You are very tallented!
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hey thx for the warm compliments....i've been working hard on them lately so its good to hear :cheers:
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Your Welcome. I mean every word. Your gallery is very nice!
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very vibrant colour choices, they work well with the night atmosphere
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ya, i always have a hard time with colors too
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thank god for photoshop lol, but i would love to get better with some good markers, or painting ooooh
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photoshop yeah...but that was all done in illustrator....rgb sux. thanks for cmyk
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hehehe, cool, never got into illustrator myself but thats cos im generally a linework man, due to the shite colouring skillz (or lack thereof) i find PS gets the point across, but whatever your usin ur usin it well ;)
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I love it ! The colours, the..... everything :D
Keep it up
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wow i love the birds on the wire...and the colors, everything looks very balanced and the movement is sweet
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thx! check out my new work [link]
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