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The new home for all Icon artists, enthusiasts and fans within the Deviant Art Community. This Project is brought to you by The IconBlock Ltd. Show your support, be part of the greatest icon movement in DA history Fav this Today!!! :dance:
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"Icons created by The IconBlock Ltd. these icons are protected by copyright laws and are intended for personal desktop use only, except for the snow icon set & the Mr. Square Head Smiley Face icon. If you wish to use any of these icons in a commercial capacity or on your website you must first purchase a license. For more information please visit our website."

So I hope you are paying the Deviant Artists submitting their work to you when you make your money off the licensing!!!!
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another trini here, Yao Smith! ;) ready n willing to contribute
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Yay add me too :D
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Just joined (I think) , sounds like fun :D
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Yeah, I didn't see my name on the members list, but it said featured members... do I need to submit an icon to be on this?
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here is a link to the icon set I released here:
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Just joined! Will be sending you some WIPs soon (exams atm :x). Loving this idea! ^^
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I just joined, and submitted 2 of my best icon and set. :D Hope I get my avatar in the member section in the profile. *Thinks he is so special*
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So is this Mac supported? If so, count me in.
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It's for anyone and everyone, icon style nor computing hardware doesn't matter. As long as you love icons or making them you can join :D
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Love good icons, just can't make them....yet
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nice, iconclub was rad but i hope this can be better. kick it up a notch!
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awesome bro....thanks for the info too! :D
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