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- Status: Closed -


- Rules/Guidelines -

I've always been reluctant to open these because I put a lot of pressure on myself, so I'd really appreciate it if you went easy on me. ; u ; I'm going to do my best though.
I'm an honest person and will refund you if you would like. However, I will not accept refunds after I have started or finished the commission. If I am unable to complete your commission, I will refund you. : )
After you comment here with your info and all that, I'll create a section in the commission widget for you! Please don't gift me the points. o:
I'll send you the sketch before I begin lining and coloring to make sure everything seems okay!
Also, you will have to pay first before I start your commission!

- Form -

In-game mouse reference:
Drawn mouse reference: (if you don't have one, that's okay!)
Eye color:
Background type & description:

- Examples & Pricing -

PayPal coming soon- maybe! o:
500:points: for pattern/gradient background
+50:points: for setting/place background
+300:points: for couple icons
Chill by IcobooDeadholic by Icoboo
Mogueta by IcobooRatiffe by Icoboo
Deadholic is the lucky duck who got my test commission for cheaper. >u< Sorry for raising the prices a little bit.
..for 200 watchers and birthday wishes!
I say this too much, but it means a whole bunch to me!