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Defence Ghost


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Speedpainting Monochrome Sketches

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Watercolor-esque effect with layer blending


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Kiryn's Crystal Ball, ch. 10

Pariso was a massive city that sprawled over twin rivers.  The main area of the city lay between the two waterways, while the city's residents clung to the banks, crossing the bridges daily into the city.  The glory of the city was the massive Cathedrals to the various gods, though due to religious upheavals, many of the cathedrals had become historical spots of pride more than religious centers.  Services were still held in them of course, but when Fredrick watched one such service exit, he wondered if the people there only went to be seen going and paid little more than lip service to the whole thing.  Certainly the people seemed pious enou

Kiryn's Crystal Ball

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I want to see more HQ art :'( + Features

Before I proceed with posting the featured artwork for this journal, I want to talk about something that's been bothering me for quite some time. I usually browse the "What's New" section of deviantART and when it was first introduced, I thought of it as a good idea. It was a welcomed change from the plain "Browse" section, especially because it featured (and still does... mostly) art from some of my favorite artists. There was a time when I discovered new and inspiring pieces that determined me to practice more and more and try out new techniques and styles. And it's from there where I got most of the artwork I've been featuring so far. At

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