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Inside Project 1st Main Heads Batch

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Published: October 1, 2015
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Copyright protected with MYOWS and SAFECREATIVE.

Painted with Mypaint and edited with Gimp.

The characters faces still need a bit of refinement but I've time for that...
Very old starting concept: fav.me/d4fg8dv

For comfortable reading...

Nightmarian (Nighty) and Dreamille (Dreamy) are two ex God assistants with the assignment of spreading the power of destruction and creation through the whole universe. A day they rebel against God and imprison him in a temporal rift. They're searching for a way to obtain "true freedom" but their plan has a limited time to be accomplished...

Valerie March (Val) and Maku are two friend with a dark past who are trying to build a new life on Mirai Island, a new country rose from an artificial oceanic platform. Val wishes to be a singer and Maku is the owner of a little antique shop. A day both touch a mysterious object forgotten by a customer, the "nowhere" keyring. After visiting a different "side" of reality they become progressively "supernatural beings" at cost of their human body. They must find a solution before losing their personality as well...

Ro.Se. and Ma.Zu.Da are two "enhanced" humans "re-built" by a mysterious foundation. Their body are composed by elemental polymorphic units named P.O.D. and coordinated by remote controlling. They can absorb the vital energy generated by the core of supernatural beings (Gates Opening) and reuse it for their fighting skills. Every P.O.D has an independent reactor, usually alimented in spare mode by a clean form of nuclear energy. They land on Mirai Island to investigate about a series of bizarre homicide cases. Because of their government link, they've free access to any document and crime scene. Nobody knows about their past before the enlistment...

Often Aaron and Rohan help from the sidelines. Aaron is the dark-side king and wishes to make Maku the legitimate queen of his kingdom. So he curses her body with the "Nightfall Masquerade", the obscure and primordial power of the royal family. Whereas Rohan is the ex Maku's boyfriend, missed in the Bermuda Triangle in the searching of his uncle. After an absence of two years he comes back to Mirai Island carrying a terrible secret...
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Love the mixing of contrasting colors in the hair.  It is subtle enough to look 'natural', and yet strong enough to add a visual kick to the design. Nice work!
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Ico-dYProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for the comment! :)
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GodzilluHobbyist Digital Artist
Good job!
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Ico-dYProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! :icongrin--plz: