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Like A Dragon

By Ickecakez
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A tribute to the PS3 game Yakuza 3, which was originally released in Japan under the title "Ryū ga Gotoku 3" (=Like A Dragon 3). And it is within the Japanese original title that I found the idea for this. Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that some Yakuza clans require body art to be applied to members and dragons are featured often in old Asian art, so it kinda makes sense.

Background made by me, the dragon itself was found on the EU Playstationblogs photostream. Credit goes to both Playstation and SEGA.
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I love this dragon! I set it on my blog to share with all my community! blog.dashaft.net/inspiracion-d… Very nice work!!!!
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RyuGaGotokuFanHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Man I Love This Wallpaper,I'm Making Ryu Ga Gotoku Wallpapers Also (A Lot) And I Want To Ask You Can I Use This WP As A Background For My New WPs? If You Want Check Out Them Here: ryugagotokufan.deviantart.com/…
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man i have been looking for something like this forever to set as my desktop wallpaper but in white , it reminds me of the limited edition PS3 with the tragon design that looks soo awesome

really nice work bro

if anyone know whe i can find a white version that would be greatly appreciated as i have been looking forever for it

thnx bros <3
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Hey iTEC9!

I'm glad you liked the design of it, even if it was in the "wrong" color :P If you want something like that I can easily remake it in white. Actually I think I'll do it regardless you requesting it or not, just for the heck of it! So expect one soon... -ish :P
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thnx bro :) i tried doing it myself but i couldnt because i kept fucking it up , i originally got the idea because i seen the yakuza ps3 [link] and thought it would look amazing in a wallpaper , it would be crazy cool if you can give the white a ceramic or matte finish if thats even possible :)

anyway thanks for your reply bro and im looking forward to seeing your work <3
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I just gave it a couple of quick tries just before going to bed and I messed it up as well, so it's not just you :P But I'll have another go at it when I can find the proper time to sit down with it and really go for it. In the meantime I'll definitively save that image as a reference because like you I quite like the finish on console in that image and I'll try to incorporate it into the wallpaper.

I'll give ya a poke when I get around to uploading anything concerning this :) Oh btw thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated and it makes trying to create something people like much easier ^^
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yes thanx bro :) if you notify me once its done that would bew super awesome :)
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amazing!!! my fave video game saga
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Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed it! I really gotta sit down and finish Y3 but at the same time I'd like to play the other ones first... Oh well, maybe there's a HD remaster on the way? :S
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you are lucky I cant find yakuza 3 to play it :( but the 2 on ps2 and the 2 on psp are great I love them! I did a lot few fan arts of the tattos if you wanna check them [link]
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GAVade Digital Artist
Very good, nice symmetry that looks elegant...
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Thanks :) Although a very simplistic piece I'm quite happy with it. However, in retrospective, I feel that I could've done something with the dragon itself rather than just leaving it as it was. But then again, why try to fix what ain't broken?

I just wish I wouldn't have to borrow art all the time to make tributes. Ah well, some day maybe ^^
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