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I'm actually gonna type something here this time

Yesterday I was thinking about some of the old pieces I'd made, and subconsciously was determined to shit on them and revel in how much I've improved.  Four years is a long time after all.  But when I looked back on some of my work I was pretty impressed by what I had done, to the point where I was almost concerned that I hadn't improved nearly as much as I thought.  I had forgotten one of the things I had always loved about creating art: building up a tangible, ever growing portfolio of pieces you love that you poured your sweat, blood, and heart into.  Just because I'm better doesn't mean I should feel shame for pieces I did before; I should have some pride, past and present.  Who knows, maybe in another four years, I'll come back to this again and redo it.
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Wow, amazing improvement! Really nice work here?
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Bloody stupid fingers! I didn't mean to leave a question mark above. 
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that's one of my favourite pieces from you =D cool remake too!
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thanks vlad!