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July 13, 2012
Grapes of Euphoria by ~icickle "...deserves a DD not only because of the wonderful background and enchanting characters, but because of the unique and mystical mood it portrays," says the suggester.
Featured by DomiSM
Suggested by creyk
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Grapes of Euphoria

A vector!
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Ulben's avatar
Very nice piece!
AndySerrano's avatar
Your wonderful art work has been featured in my [link] July 2012 Journal.
foldedflowers's avatar
This is fantastic. And adorable. JUST.... WOW.
ToxicWyvern's avatar
This style is really fascinating. The way you put the colors together using individual solid pieces (especially in the background) really give this picture a surreal feel to it.
Jess-9000's avatar
I love how bright the colors are! Great job. :heart:
yiffo's avatar
whats the blac thing?
eatorbeaten's avatar
it's a dinosaur.... =.=''
yiffo's avatar
what kind of dinosaur?
eatorbeaten's avatar
I believe a stegosaur.
afiiz's avatar
wonderful!! :love:
waterflower14's avatar
this makes me think of an exploration of a child's imagination :)
John-Peter's avatar
Congrats on DD, very well deserved :)
ShineBug's avatar
A vector!?
Amazing job, I could never vector style anything this nicely.
Spiral-Teardrop's avatar
It looks like you made the background with Alchemy! o3o
GuesssWho9's avatar
paulirlan's avatar
Good handle of pen tool
Sphotof's avatar
I like it!!!!! But, what's the meaning of it!? XD
Karinta's avatar
Wonderfully cute.
Filly8's avatar
this is very cool ; i really like the colors and the dino thing :) though i feel like i would appriciate it more if i knew what a vector was exactly.. It seems like there are lots of vectors as DDs and i never have known what they are >.> Anyone willing to inform me?
Awful-Critter's avatar
I second this! I sort of have a vague idea of what it is... but i don't know. D;
Filly8's avatar
hmm.. no one answered.. >.>
QuietLittleLeaf's avatar
In a nutshell...instead of working with pixels, your working with mathematical no matter how much you zoom or enlarge your image it will never get pixelated. You still draw, but the software generates the math. :) Takes a while to master, but you can get some awesome results. :)

has some great image examples and explanations.
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