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Charge of the Lightsworn

Intended for use as a playmat
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Most of the archetype is not really strong all in all XD Lumia, Jain. wulf, garoth. THos are all not that strong all things considered but the JD alone as well as some of the better ones like Lumia, ryko and celestia redeem the archetype as well as the ridiculously great support it gets from cards like Beckoning Light, Honest and the possibility to play it as a twillight or at least enough darks to get BLS and chaos sorcerrer out makes this deck so strong. Also the new tuners that get released cause WTF are they op XD Minerva lets you instantly search for JD, Raiden can mill in your Main phase and end phase and makes Garoth so much better and Felice is so good XD
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Lightsworn monster rules!!!!!!! They are strong cards! =D

Until somebody plays a remove from play strategy then your screwed -_-; its the only weakness of the lightsworn monsters...
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So then you bring in the Lightray monsters xD
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Love your ryko
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Wow! Very nice; I'd use it as my playmat!
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wow! it's awesome! X3
i like the drawing style~! :D
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This is amazing<3 Did you end up making it into a mat?
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Nice draw Technique.

Lightsworns Rulz
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Amazing Artwork with the LightSworn Monsters :la:
But where is Jain, Lightsworn Paladin :O
Anyway it's really Good :aww:
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reminds me to PW ^^
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