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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2012, 2:08 AM
Candi CSS

Um yeah, I need a co-writer for this Pokemon fanfic I'm working on. Everything's similar to everything except everyone can come from different regions and all, thing is instead of just completing the damn Pokedexes, we also have the Nurse Joys as a crisis. I want to make this a little creepy than the usual stuff, and a bit more... Mature. Slight romance and yandere going ons here and there with missing new trainers who's been turned into Nurse Joys and can't be turned back and stuff...

So. Yeah. Halp?

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I'm so sorry but my tablet broke down orz like, really broken down I can't even connect it orz. Your commish is delayed for now, dearie. ;_;
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Commish/Art Trade/Llama Trade info | direct to commishes | Tumblr | Youtube

Juuuust testing the premium membership stuff
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Yeah, time for you to put on your glasses.

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I'm half asleep right now but I would love to do some points commissions for you guys, prz?

Note moi for more info.
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Well yes we now have an Akihiko flirtblog because I say so.

Here we go. You can say whatever in his inbox - English or Japanese, he doesn't mind. He will entertain you. BECAUSE I SAY SO! D<

"I'm not sure if a bouquet of ziodyne is something you'd like, but I know it can protect you - it shows I'm always there to punch them in their faces."

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i cant handle all these feels i think im gonna break down oh god where do i go
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ended right there because you know, the whole thing is now broken into pieces.

I'm taking my time picking them up tyvm.
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To Miso-Mai for the donation. ; v ; You filled it up in one go! ♥

So now I'm gonna raise it because I'll be having a three-weeks holidays and gogogogogo commish!
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Well, I'd like some feedbacks on how I'm doing as Mitsuru Kirijo's RPer on Tumblr. I'm not the best when it comes to canon characters but I enjoy trying out new stuff and I'd like it if someone could really help by following my RP blog and sending me promps or just small messages into my inbox I'd be reallllllly happy! And by the way, here's the blog!

And if you have your own RP blog, we can RP together. o v o ♥
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So far, seriously, thank you so much! I got way too many wishes than I deserve and more presents than ever, it's very.. Frightening orz.

I'm now in college and stuff, so things have been pretty tight - with my midsemester exams coming up in a week, so wish me good luck! Adding to that, I've been improving in my drawings, anatomy-wise. But I still have problems with the male body argh. Anyway, I've been kinda idle on RPing simply because everybody else's been busy with Christmas and... Well, other things.

I've been advancing in FFXIII, now I just need to wait for the FFXIII-2 release for XBOX. Yes, I'm a gamer girl I don't see what's wrong with that. o v o'' People in my class have been wondering whether or not I'm really a girl, but I'm definitely 17. Actually I act like I'm 16 but I'm 17 eheh. ;)

I have quit singing as *rikio, just so everybody here knows and... That's about it? 8'D /waits for dA-utaite chorus.

Also I have been working on a secret/not-so secret project called "DIGIREV" which is a fighting game - with the RPers from DR. Some of us might end up being only-tutorial characters, or not; which I still need some suggestions in order to work some more on this. Either BlazBlue or you know, the 2d style. Eheh, this is why I need to improve on my anatomy drawing.

Andddddd. Time to plug some things here.

If you'd like to talk to me, find me at those places. :D
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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 18, 2011, 5:33 AM
I'm like forever in love with this song by keeno.

So yeah. I did another cover of it, except this time with a different instrumental and Mes' lyrics. Here we go.

And I'm pretty happy with it. Especially with the fact that I drew the image for the video as well. ♥

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Direct copy pasta from here. And well, I'm joining so you guys gotta join too! ♥

Welcome to our 2011 TegakiE Halloween contest! We don't have a set "theme" - draw what your hearts content!


1.) Do not submit more than one entry for the contest.

2.) All entries must be in colour, whether you add a background or not.

3.) Keep all entries within TegakiE rules - anything explicit will be rejected.

4.) All entries must be Halloween related; You can submit fanart or Original characters.

5.) You MUST put in your deviation description, "This is for the 2011 TegakiE Halloween contest".

6.) All contest entries MUST be submitted to "Halloween contest 2011". Do NOT place them in the "Featured" folder.


Now that everything is clear, please make all TegakiE submissions to deviantART before October 29th. This gives me and the others time to review who should win. Listed below is our's not much, but it is our first contest. We hope to have more points for a Christmas (or simply, a winter holiday) contest.

1st place winner
100 points
3 journal features
1 deviantART MURO (450x340) "Coloured" entry

2nd place winner
50 points
2 journal features
1 deviantART MURO (450x340) "Sketch" entry

3rd place winner
25 points
1 journal feature
1 deviantART MURO (450x340) "Lineart" entry

If you plan to enter, please promote our contest in your journal so others will join. It won't be much of a contest if only 10 people join.



And if you're wondering what's TegakiE, it's a blog-site for oekaki, but one-layered. You have choices in colors, brush size and opacities, so you have basically full control over your own creativity except for the layers. xD It's great fun though!

English TegakiE & Japanese TegakiE

Note that your entries must be drawn on either of these. o v o
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Before I forget and stuff. Yeah. Trying to keep up.

WORLD as Marynessa Gardaalne, Aulden Marfort and some more NPCs
Final Frontier as Chloe Lynn Rothanight
Adhelm Burton as Aethelswith Cai Willow and NPCs
Force Link Online as Nurazura Jamilah Latif/xAzutecNa
Dawn of Darkness as Reina Utagawa
Phantasy Star : Chronicles of Ethacaia as Estella Lynn Roucena, Nio Solarin and NPCs

That's 6. The last time I checked it was 7 or 8. o.o'' Uh, kay, gonna go take a late shower and then check again.

This list will be updated every time I join or withdraw a roleplay.
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So I'm using my mom's modem, I won't take long so all I'm doing is just to whore you all that I've been featured in a journal entry over here as one of dA singers. I'm *rikio/*rikio, just so you know.

And I wrote new stuff! It's mature-rated, so um. Please don't read if you feel easily disturbed. But it's fantasy-romance, though nothing like vampire and werewolf shit. Please check it out over there. Only the prologue for now. I have two chapters in store at the moment, so keep yourself in your seats... If you like how it is so far. Though I doubt it's anyone's cup of tea because I'm morbidly cool.

With that, I leave you all to your imaginations as to how is that a fantasy-romance.
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Eyesight Test; yeah the new song by 40mP with GUMI.

And writers block hnghhhhhhhh while I try to fix that I draw (the commishs & requests) and can never seem to get a good result out of it. Probably because I'm nervous. IGCSE results on the 11th, and Gendou Idol on the 12th. Idk when the Vocaloid Idol one is going out. So uh. Yeah. The voting stage for the first round hasn't even started.

Adding to that, new project! FEEL the BLaST+ if you feel like reading something that sucks, right out of a writer's blocked writer.
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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 9:11 AM
Anyway, yeah. Uh. Still on this quest, so PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE if you're willing. ; v ;

What I hate is that the Gendou Idol results come out the day after my iGCSEs results are out. So I have results to look forward to. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY my ass.

And commissions still open. Please don't hesitate to inquire anything. With that, I leave to check on my timeline, then probably go off and read something while I try to divert my attention from "November 1".

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Someone from America please pre-order this book for me? --> Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck because I can't and it'll take forever for the book to come here to Malaysia so pre-order and post it to me? ; ;
I'll give you anything, I promise. That includes free commission of your choice/birthday chorus/song dedication/icon/idk whatever! I'm willing to payyyyy. ; A ; That's how much I love this book!

... Please?
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I decided to join this season's Gendou Idol, and here's my entry. It's Maaya Sakamoto's song "Yakusoku ha Iranai" from Escaflowne ahhhhhhhhhh ♥, so those who actually liked the old anime songs, yeah; I'm sure you'd know. (:

It's nothing good, since it was recorded with coughing in the middle, (no, I silenced them coughs) also, just wanna showcase this beautiful piano version of the song.

Up early today. (; And insyaAllah, heading to my ex-school today just to visit! :D Seeing nouiox-25 and Vickii-Belle there. (:
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Commisions still open plz? ; v ;

1. Choose 8 OC's, if you don't have eight, borrow some off of friends!
2. No changing the questions!
3. Tag some people after wards.
4. Add some questions of your own if you want!
5. Have fun.

1) Kaori Akihana
2) Matsumaya Hibara
3) Miyu Kuroibara
4) Matsuya Hibara
5) Hana
6) Kuro
7) Seraph Moonrider
8) Hakumei

1) You are reading in a tree and then Kaori calls for you; what does she want?
New food for her dogs.

2) Hana tells you she needs help with an outfit because she is going out on a date with some one.
Excuse me? Hana on a date? I'd help her right away because she's been stuck living like some ape hidden in a cave for centuries and have only recently found men interesting.

3) Matsuya wakes you up in the night to tell you a secret, what is it?
I know you fucking love me, Matsuya. Now go back to sleep or... We can have some time together. ;)

4) Miyu falls for you! What do you do?
Miyu's straight. What do I do.

5) Seraph and Kaori are fighting over you. Do you stop them or walk away?
Stop them. Because Kaori's obviously defenseless and Seraph's way too strong to be true.

6) You see Matsumaya and Hakumei kissing! How do you feel?
O.o'' More like... Confused. Matsumaya must have probably gotten confused, thinking that Hakumei's a girl.

7) Kuro asks you if you have a boyfriend.
"Why of course I do, Kuro. What has a rising devil anything to do with my love life? Wanna talk about love with Seraph now? ;)"

8) You all go to a theme park for the day and you go on a roller coaster! Only you get stuck at the very top with Matsumaya.
And then Matsumaya gets jealous.

9) You save Seraph by doing her homework for her, she gives you a kiss on the cheek!
"I see now why Kuro asked if I have a boyfriend... :/ -rubs cheek-"

10) Kaori tries to tell Kuro how she feels about him, you hear all of this.
Still keep myself in the dark and watch both from afar. Kuro is most likely to not like her.

11) What is the worst name Hana has ever called you?
"SIAL" because she's a Malaysian girl like that.

12) Miyu adds you as a friend on Facebook.
"... Miyu has Facebook?"

13) You come home late and Kaori tells you that someone called for you earlier but you weren't in.
"I... See. That's interesting. I'll call the person back though. Thank you very much," because Kaori is most likely to be the housekeeper anyway.

14) You find out that Hakumei and Seraph are going out.

15) Who do you love most out of Matsumaya and Kuro?
... This is hard. Uh. Say. Maybe Matsumaya, maybe Kuro. Matsumaya because I trust him and Kuro... Simply because he has devilish sex skills. ♥

16) Matsuya walks in on you showering, how do you react?
"Hey boy, come in and join me! ;) ♥"

17) Hakumei gives you a golden bracelet for you birthday, how do you thank them?
"Aww! I love you too Hakumei, you're such a sweetie as well as a cutie and I love love love love this so much and nothing's much better than having you at home sitting on the couch and watch TV peacefully. I just want you to keep living. (:"

18) Kaori is STILL trying to get Kuro!
Kuro uses me to make Kaori think that Kuro's in love with me instead. ... Yeah. And we'll have some hot steamy nights.

19) Hana takes you rock climbing and falls, do you catch him/her in time?
"SIAL back at 'chu, Hana. ;)"

20) Anything to say before this quiz is over?
I love this. It's fun. xD I'm just trying to get myself used to writing again and this inspires me some more. :) And tagging nouiox-25, RurouniGundam, PresenceOfGreatness & sunnytastic
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