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The Electric potion.
Today we got a tynamo. So, we decided to try out the weird perplexing, electric-based potion in the back of the pantry. After zapping the tynamo with the enchanted electricity, the little fish lit up and become incredibly bouncy energetic, and began swearing uncontrollably. I recorded something about being a individual and the Tynamo's greatness, but a close encounter with the little fucker rainbow clad pokemon knocked my record into the water. The fish only zapped around for a little while, until the nurse in training we had on hand grabbed the fish and dunked him in the basin we had on hand. Apparently someone who I will personally hunt down and kill give a stern talking to told her to do that. After the tynamo had been dunked, he floated behind the ceiling fan, and we were forced to get the janitor to use his broom to get the fish down. The tynamo, still under the affects of the fucking potion, bolted for the door. There was a short chase, but we eventually quickly found the fish hiding in the broom closet. I had a brought a vial of pure electricity with me, and after shocking the fish with that, he returned to his normal color. It was at that point I asked him a few questions. However, the nurse interrupted, and the tynamo, eyes wide, bolted. With a quick apology, his lavitar friend scurried after him. I hope to the almighty fucking GODS that's the last I see of him. My report complete, I now present you with the information. 
Tynamo electrical systems. 
The tynamo said he turned a shade of yellow probably because the base lightning in his smaller veins became brighter with the new electricity. The electricity on his side, the tynamo reported feeling, was "All out of wack, like unbalanced or something." What they tynamo was feeling was a difference in the light waves of the electricity. His wavelengths were all over the place, so they were all a bunch of different colors. What's interesting to note is that the tynamo's eyes were all different colors, too. Perhaps the tynamo's blue eyes are a result of a different waves lengths that make vision possible. The tynamo reported that everything was "rainbow and shit", and the only words to describe was "tripping balls." This is probably a result of the waves in his eyes being screwed messed up
2. The Potion's Properties.
The potion was probably originally made to strengthen electric pokemon's pulses. However, as this demonstrates, when the pulse gets stronger, the waves are kicked out of balances, creating a "tripping balls" effect. I realize that this could also improve some pokemon's vision, though that may have not been the original intent, seeing has how only some electric pokemon have wave based sight. I believe this is a extent of the original potion, which only had a little of this effect. It's probably the result of a "Drunk Science" session, and some bastard prankster. The potion may have been hidden among all of these, in hopes that... this... would happen. We have learned from this incident, though. With some editing, this potion may become a energy drink for electric types. 
Bluh, backrounds are hard. I didn't even try with this one. It was a lot of fun to make, though. I hope you enjoy it!…
Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

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