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PMDU Team Boiling Point



UPDATED: 2/21/16
Karma Splitfan the Tynamo
Moves: Tackle, Charge Beam, Spark and Thunder Wave
Trait: Quick Tempered
Personality:Moody, occasionally snapping at others. He mostly hates it when people are fake and made of lies. He is surprising not very stubborn about most things, but tends to never change first impressions. It's a good thing Sera is a transparent person, or the two likely would have had many misunderstandings. He appreciates it when people are honest or true with him. Karma's "Boiling Point" is when he is filled with such irritation at a person that he can't stand to be around them, no matter the cost.
History: Karma has never had much self control. Electricity sparks out of him as he floats along; it appears the tynamo is unable to regulate the amount of electricity he discharges. Raised by a single mother and her clan, he lived inside a chargestone cavern for all of his childhood. Young tynamo in that cave schooled together, like fish, but one day he was unable to catch up with the crowd. He found himself lost, and made it out of an exit of the cave. Upon discovering the outside, it's beauty, and the shining of the sun, he decided that this was a much better place then the cavern. Karma met Sera not long after he left his old home, and upon learning he had left his home let him stay with her and her mother. 
Sera Acering the Larvitar
Moves: Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Bite and Screech
Ability: Sand Veil
Trait: Likes to relax.
Personality: Selfish and nervous, and quick to hold others in contempt. Sera's "Boling Point" is when she decides that she wouldn't risk herself for the good of others, and would rather run away.
History: Sera was raised by her very protective mother. This mother decided that  she would like to raise another child, but wanting to keep Sera safe, had her travel to Andellusst, to join the guilds. The little Larvitar complained greatly about this, but in the end accepted her fate, and the two of them went off to form their team. 

??/??/14 Alright then! This is the updated app for these two sweeties. Due to immense amounts of me fucking up, I deleted the new one and replaced the picture for this one.

2/21/16: Man, this team is old. I'd like to update a lot of their work. It'll take substantial effor though. Updated the art, personalities, and history.
[Team Record]
Errand 1 and 3 and 5 complete!
they are here………

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-3-  I remember a female Tynamo called Karma.... she was adorable, I like this one too~