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This is the first page of mah new short comic. 
Uhhhh... Is this incomprehensible? 
I'm guessing it is, so here's a explanation:
Riolu chappie there is walking along, when he finds the wanted poster for him and the other ninjas. Not being able to read very well, he tosses it aside, but notices the word "IAPON". Figuring it relates to him, he ducks into a alley to read it. Woot comic time skip. He finishes reading it, and because bluh life, rips it to shreds in a rage. He falls back to think about things.
Think the style here sucks? That's because I'm looking for the best style that can be done in the shortest amount of time. Using this to practice, see. If you think you know a really good style that can be done fast and looks okay, can you please comment? Thanks.
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