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Zaryushu: Rise of the Nightmare Lord 0-0
500 years ago a great battle erupted between humans and demi humans. The demi humans fought hard against the humans and when their victory was thought to be assured a hero emerged and began crushing the demi human forces. In the final battle the demon king was able to defeat the hero but was also mortally wounded and died in the process.
Mazidon: Gahhhh what the hell was that a dimensional portal or something?
Mazidon: Looks like I landed in some trees.
Noble: Alright you two louts I want you to make sure nobody gets into this cave without my permission.
Guard 1: You can count on us mi'lord.
Noble: I certainly hope so because guarding a cave entrance is about all you're good for since you can't seem to do anything else. Hmph. Just make sure you don't fail this job either or I'll have you both executed for your  incompetence.
Guard 1 & 2: Uh right we definitely won't fail you.
Noble: You better hope you don't oh and do me a favor and load this trash into my cart. I need to make
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet 3-1
Chapter 3: New Encounters of the Old Kind.
Journal Entry #33: The return trip to Kalzar was uneventful. Like before we stopped at the lake, however the only difference was the sabrewolves slept near our camp, which scared off any nocturnal predators that would've attacked us. Most creatures know well enough not to mess with a sabrewolf pack. it seems. The sabrewolf pack left come morning and we arrived at Kalzar the next day and rested at an inn.
Hg Clerk: Oh it's you guys and two more. Are they planning on joining your guild?
Shuichi: Only the angel has plans to join our guild.
HG Clerk: Ok so I'll have to have you sign here, here and here.
Alice: Oh ok that's no problem.
HG Clerk: Ok now all of you wait here while I get you your guild badges and a license for alice.
Shuichi: Guild badges?
HG Clerk: Guild badges show others what guild you belong to. A license only shows you are a hunter as well as information relevant to you such as skills and combat ability. Plus it helps to advertis
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Second Dimension Revenge Is Bittersweet 2-5
Shuichi: So I hear you might be able to help us with a little information we are looking for.
Mummers: (mumble mumble) Of course what kind of information are you looking for? (mumble mumble)
Shuichi: I was hoping you could help us find out about the individuals who attacked Farinas and Veriunas villages.
Mummers: (mumble mumble) Hmm well I don't know myself for sure but I can give you a lead on someone who does. (mumble mumble)
Shuichi: Very well name your price.
Mummers: (mumble mumble) That'll be 1000 Branes please. (mumble mumble)
Shuichi: I do not have any branes will Zalos do?
Mummers: (mumble mumble) Mazoku currency? of course. 500 Zalos please. (mumble mumble)
Vincent: Did you just halve the price?
Mummers: (mumble mumble) Course not. Zalos have twice the value of branes. (mumble mumble)
Shuichi: Here you go.
Mummers: (mumble mumble) Thank you for your business. Anyone else want something? (mumble mumble)
Inari: I was wondering if you had any information on my mother.
Mummers: (
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet 2-4
Inari: Yawn. Ngh it's morning it doesn't seem like anyone else is up. Perfect, i'll go train my magic in the forest.
(3 Hours later)
Shuichi: Oh hey Alice is Inari not up yet?
Alice: Oh good morning Shuichi. to answer your question she got up before I did.
Shuichi: Vincent also got up before me did you see where he went?
Alice: He went into the woods. Hopefully he gets lost.
Shuichi: That was Inari she must be in trouble we should hurry.
Alice: Of course anything for a mazoku.
Inari: Nice Sabrewolf you don't want o eat me.
Sabrewolf Alpha: GRRRRR.
Vincent: Inari get behind me I'll protect you.
Inari: I'm sorry this is my fault I shouldn't have gone off on my own.
Shuichi: Inari, Vincent are you guys alright.
Inari: I'm fine.
Vincent: But we won't be for long if those sabrewolves have anything to say about it.
Shuichi: Sabrewolves? I see. I'll handle this by myself then.
Alice: Are you crazy there's ten of them they'll rip you to shreds.
Shuichi: I said i'l
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet Ch 2-3
HG Clerk: Welcome back.
Shuichi: So about that information what do you have?
HG Clerk: Well there's good news and there's bad news.
Shuichi: Ok so what's the bad news.
HG Clerk: Unfortunately it seems intel on the attackers is limited we don't even know their species. We only know that they were overwhelmingly strong.
Shuichi: How is that possible?
HG Clerk Unfortunately none of the  so called attackers were killed  so there was no way to tell which species they are from exactly.
Shuichi: Well what do you mean by exactly?
HG Clerk: The armor the attackers were wearing hid their body features, but there was a general consensus that it the head was more akin to a a beast like a horse or lizard than on of us.
Shuichi: Would it not also be possible that they used those particular helmets to throw us off?
HG Clerk: That is true. In any case the good news is that you may find a better lead on your information in Darkon.
Shuichi: Darkon?
Vincent: Ahh I've heard of that place.
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Second dimension Revenge is Bittersweet 2-2
Inari: Hey Shuichi what is that?
Shuichi: It's a temple dedicated to Zanerothh apparently.
????: Oh welcome to the temple of Zaneroth.
Shuichi: You're a Zanethian aren't you?
Zanethian: That's right.
Vincent: What's a Zanethian? I've never heard of it.
Shuichi: It's doubtful you would have, zanethian is a term used to describe the clergymen and monks of the Zaneroth religion. It's a mazoku term of course. 
Inari: Hmm what's this? Hey there's money in here.
Zanethian: That's a donation box, whenever Zaneroth  comes and takes the money something good happens to the temple.
Vincent: How do you know it's Zaneroth taking the money?
Zanethian: I've personally spoken to him.
Vincent: Wait seriously? But Zaneroth is a god why would he ever speak to someone like me or you.
Zanethian: Zaneroth seems to have a personal interest in the lives of mazoku.
Inari: Why does he have such an interest in the mazoku?
Zanethian: He apparently made us resemble him as much as possible, but unfortunat
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet Ch2-1
Chapter 2: A Legend Is Born
Journal Entry #18: It has been fifteen years since I last wrote in this magic journal. It appears my training has been completed far earlier than expected. Even Sayuri was surprised of my progress after the first month. Having broken the training device quite easily simply by accident. After that my physical training was cut to half a day and I began learning magic and various fighting styles both unarmed and with various different weapons ranging from not just swords but spear and bows as well. Once I had mastered my weapons training Sayuri had me and Inari train in terms of being able to work together. Even Inari had progress quite nicely in her magical and weapons training. She even had some physical training on top of it. I noticed something strange about Inari's tail however it looks as though it has two tips at the moment. When I asked her about it she told me it was in the process of splitting. Not surprising considering most kitsune have nine tails,
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Second Dimension Revenge Is Bittersweet Ch1-3
Journal Entry #14:  Inari and I find ourselves in a deep part of Danrell forest at the foot of Danrell mountain. It is apparent that nobody has been here for some time however we saw smoke east of where we were camping. We decided to investigate to find out about it. The smoke has since cleared but that didn't matter as we pressed onward in it's direction. We eventually came to a small home in a clearing. We had found Svarga's home. However it seems that things were not as they seemed.
Shuichi: It looks like this is the place.
Inari: Hey Shuichi who's that man in the black robe with the strange stick?
Shuichi: !!! That is no man i'm afraid, but one of death's servants.
Inari: Death's servants?
Shuichi: When an individual dies and they accept their death a reaper comes to take their soul to the afterlife. Reaper's are often thought to be death himself, but the skeletal robe wearing individuals with the scythe are but his servants.
Inari: I'm scared.
Shuichi: Don't be, the reapers o
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet Ch1-2
Shuichi: We should stop here and camp for the night we have a long road ahead of us.
Inari: Ok. Is there anything I should do?
Shuichi: No you've been through quite enough, I'll set up camp and prepare everything.
Inari: So are you looking for my mommy?
Shuichi: No.
Inari: But why?
Shuichi: Well I have my own things to do, plus we didn't find any clues as to where you mother went. There is no point in searching for her aimlessly. Without any idea of where she may have gone there isn't much point of looking.
Inari: Oh I see.
Shuichi: Don't worry I'll ask around to see if she entered Savarnar.
Inari: Savarnar?
Shuichi: It's a frontier town on the edge of mazoku territory much like the villages of Farinas and Verinas.
Inari: How many days will it take.
Shuichi: Half a day. It would've taken five days to reach it on foot, but with a mount we cut the time to a day and a half.
Inari: Hey I'm getting kinda hungry.
Shuichi: I figured you would just wait a while. I've set everything up for cook
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Second Dimension Revenge is Bittersweet C1-1
Chapter 1: The Beginning of Chaos
Journal Entry #1: A new journal a new start on the numbered entries. Sakuya and I have been staying in the same house since I was found. I recently managed to get enough money to buy a bottomless bag and this new magic journal. The old non magical one ran out of space, but I shouldn't need to worry about a magic journal running out of room. In any case Sakuya has been teaching me how to cook various dishes. I've gotten quite good at it, in fact most of the stuff I cook is better tasting than the stuff Sakuya makes these days. She's gotten jealous of that, but I can't blame her. I did after all steal her thunder. She's taught me many things over the past 13 years. Things like sewing cooking and even  hunting and pottery. Most of these things don't have an application for fighting but who cares. It's relatively quiet outside the occasional festival.
Sakuya: So you all done Shuichi?
Shuichi: Yes I've finished with the chores.
Sakuya: Oh good. Hey you
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Mature content
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Second Dimension: Revenge is Bittersweet C0-0
Xanther Rade: Verinas village is quite the quiet little place don't you think?
Raddock Atani: I do indeed think that it is quiet. It is after all a frontier village.
Xanther: I wouldn't mind it if every place was quiet and peaceful like this.
Raddock: i think anyone could agree on that note my friend.
Xanther: Sorry to ask this but my head is still swimming, what day is it anyways.
Raddock: I warned you not to drink that much sake. It's 50 DZ Wednesday 4 March.
Xanther: Oh yea that's right. Don't we need to be in Farina village tomorrow?
Raddock: Yes and unfortunately there is going to be a heavy rain.
Xanther: I guess we better hurry then.
Raddock: We're only in this situation because you drank yourself into a stupor. We have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.
Xatnher I suppose we should get going then.
Journal Entry: It's times like these that I treasure the most as Xanther and I walked through the village. Our fellow mazoku were busy at work preparing
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Mature content
Intermission Story Yalni and Satsume :iconichinzen:Ichinzen 0 0
Shuichi/Zaneroth Yammoto (Bio)
Shuichi/Zaneroth Yammamoto
Age: 3567806432145678543589 (Earth Years)
    Shuichi Yammamoto is the fourth of Zaneroth that contains his personality. Originally high and mighty, the lack of prior memories, abilities, and powers molded the part into what is known as Shuichi Yammmamoto. The results of new memories reshaped the former god's personality into being reclusive and overbearing towards his creations the mazoku into a kind and compassionate one. He possesses average physical and magical  abilities compared to the other parts. He is exceptionally good at focus allowing him to maintain several spells at any time while still being able to block any physical attacks, which also means his psionic abilities are vastly greater than the other parts. Shuichi Yammamoto is the weakest of the four parts. His mazoku marking is the ronin. He shares Zaneroth's, last name much to the Zenthu priests' surprise.
    Yelenis Yasahirei is the fourth of Zaneroth that possesses
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Legend of The Stars Zaneroth Origins
Date: Before time...
Zaneroth: No matter how many times I try, still nothing. Why can't I use devastation to create.... Unless, maybe instead of using it to create materials, I can use it to create an endless expanse of space... But where do I create this expanse without destroying the realm? Stupid war, stupid demon gods starting this war. If only I could get counsel from a divinity, this would make things easier....
Devastation - The most destructive spell created, it was made by Zaneroth in the hopes he could create something the divines envied...
    Zaneroth tried to figure things out when it hit him... Using massive amounts of gravity magic he creates a blackhole, of which he sends outside of the realm it begins to eat a hole in therealm's outer wall before breaking through into the blackness beyond. Zeneroth soon follows the blackhole further and further, beyond the walls of the realm, before breaking through into the veil beyond it.
Zeneroth then used devastation to c
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The Seal Breaks Zaneroth Awakens 2
Date Retgar 99th Balin 6th 1256 ZT
Satsume: So umm Zaneroth does the realm of the gods exist?
Zaneroth: Now what kind of a question is that to be asking a god??? But to answer your question yes it does..
Satsume: Then can I um see your place?
Zaneroth: I don't see why not...
    Zaneroth grabs Satsume and teleports to his home, in the realm of the gods...
Satsume: Geez this place is huge..
Zaneroth: Not to me it isn't.
    All of a sudden Satsume was lifted quite a distance, her body firmly grasped.. She begins to struggle but then looks around and sees that it was Zaneroth that picked her up...
Satsume: Oh so I'm just small... That makes more sense...
    Zaneroth shows her around his home which she was sure was a mansion in size... Eventually they come to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed which was amazingly soft. She sank pretty deep in it despite her size... She couldn't even see Zaneroth who had sunken really deep...
Satsume: So do gods need sleep?
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Dryad Soraka by Grooooovy Dryad Soraka :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 13,395 383 Exodus by Karbo Exodus :iconkarbo:Karbo 999 133 Are you a boy or a girl ? by kawacy Are you a boy or a girl ? :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,580 910 THE POWER by Gantahat62 THE POWER :icongantahat62:Gantahat62 6 0 Titan Eren - Kill Them All ! [Shingeki no Kyojin] by CaptainMisuzu Titan Eren - Kill Them All ! [Shingeki no Kyojin] :iconcaptainmisuzu:CaptainMisuzu 248 91


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My mother was an orphan her parents didn't want her so they left her there but thing is she never deemed  it  necessary to find out who they were and now half of my heritage is practically bared from me.

I technically have a right to know who my grandparents are on my mothers side for the sake of medical history But the thing is they wouldn't tell my older sister anything cuz she wasn't my mother.

Is there some way to force them into at least telling me what my heritage and medical future is gonna look like?.
a lot of people say that pink stuff that goes into your wall makes you itchy if you handle it with your bare hands but to be honest i've noever noticed an itch after handling the stuff i try googling why it doesn't make me itch but it didn't bring up any results.
I can't seem to find it anywhere. And a google search only give me trailers of the show.
For whatever reason downloads for some games pause midway does anyone know how to resolve this at all.

Certain games seem to do this for no apparent reason.
So i'm trying to improve my social skills a little more but in order to do that  i need to talk with people.

What i'll be doing here is trying to figure out based on speech patterns and the manner in which you speak whether or not you are a guy or a girl.

In order to do that, we'll have a discussion effectively one on one. The goal of which afterwards is for me to correctly guess a person's gender.

I figure if i can learn to recognize speech patterns inherent to both females and males and differentiate between the two i may be able to improve my social skills. If i'm confident enough about it i may make a guess at ethnicity as well.
Nobody seems to understand how i feel right now.
Knowing that no matter what i do, nothing ever goes my way.
And because of that I gave up trying to make a mark in this world a long time ago.
And getting a girlfriend just isn't worth it anymore these days.
Cause even if i get one.
What's to stop her from simply betraying me and stabbing me in the back?
To be perfectly honest.
I'd rather place my faith in an unshackled ai than a real girl at this point.
After all what would an ai have need of money or other such stuff?
It makes it really hard to be motivated to do anything.
Or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy?
Damned if i know.
But, seeing how this world is.
I can't be bothered to care about anything anymore these days.
Whether or not it's living or just trying to dig my way outta this damned hellhole.
And for some reason that's comforting. It gave some sense of inner peace.
That being said, I'm going to die on my own terms regardless of those facts.
Cuz suicide just means the world wins.
And if theres one thing i hate these days more than people and there self centeredness.
It's fucking losing.
It's me vs the world and not a damned friend or ally in sight who can help me right now.
But who needs friends when they just up and abandon you when you need them most to live their own life.
And family, well they're not much better.
But hey at least they've been trying to help me outta this shithole.
That's more than i can say for my so called "friends".
But i still really care about my family so there is that.
They've been more loyal to me than any friend or person before.
Both my sister and my father and that means something to me.
They're not trying to half ass a solution either.
They're trying to get things right the first time.
And plus it isn't like it's their fault they aren't able to immediately help.
Cuz they're having just as many problems thanks to other people as I am.
And to anyone who thinks i'm some kind of asshole.
You don't even know me on a personal level.
And for the record.
The only ass bigger than an asshole,
Are the people who assume a person is an asshole when they don't know them.
So uh, rot in hell why dontcha.
If not for me,
But because you deserve it for making someone who already feels miserable feel even worse.
Because as far as i'm concerned love is dead.
Justice too.
Cuz if there were any justice in this world.
I sure as hell wouldn't be in this situation, and i'd definitely have a girlfriend if love really existed anymore.
But it doesn't.
Everyone is worried more about what i can offer them.
Whether that be money, or just well anything other than undying loyalty and emotional support.
That isn't true love it's pure selfish desire.
Cuz uh,
True love is about being happy to see the person you care about being happy.
And comforting them when their down.
And sticking with them through thick and thin.
Anyone who doesn't believe that's what love is.
Doesn't deserve to be loved in my book.
In any case it feels great to get this outta me.
Even if nobody ever reads this or comments on it.
Feels good to finally express the inner darkness in my heart.
I often care too much about what people think of me to truly express myself.
Always holding everything back.
Afraid of what people would people would think of me.
But you know what?
Considering how disloyal people have been in the past.
What they think is worth less than the crap i flush down the toilet every other day.
That said I'll keep up the facade that i still care at least to people working in this group home.
Cuz going to a therapist for problems that are the fault of society not putting in more of an effort to help.
Or to even do a better job at helping for that matter.
It's for the birds.
Cuz frankly, I'm more emotionally stable than i've ever been.
I've already accept the fact that i'll die someday.
In fact i look forward to that day.
Because at least then, i will finally be free of this insufferable world.
And the sheeple who are too lazy to change the world for the better.
After all who would ever listen to me? I'm just some loser in a group home to them.
But they're the ones who are the losers probably even more so than i am.
I am at least willing to stand up for what i believe in.
Even if nobody else gives a damn.


United States


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Ichinzen Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
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To be honest, mocking their own parents and saying they failed to raise them propertie is the biggest insult I know, even if they don't acknowledge the truth.