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[MMD/PMDE] Tutorial - Mirroring/Reversing Facials

By IchiLewis
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EDIT: Updated version HERE. Please go there instead for a better and more detailed tutorial. c:

I finally made another tutorial! Darn, it's been ages! xD

This time, it's all about mirroring and reversing facials since many people struggle (including myself) to try and make facials such as eyebrows, blinking, etc. 

But now, there is this trick to help! c:

I hope it helps you!

NOTE: I personally recommend you use PMXEditor Version 1.39 for this tutorial. To zoom in, left-click the picture.

Feel free to ask anything!
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please help
I have a model in mmd but it is very large.
What do I do to change the size to smaller?
some quick tutorial or video, please
the model is a giant monster that I want to make it smaller
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This is going to be hella helpful! Thank you!
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Ah, I'm glad. You're welcome! c:
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can i ask about mirroring hair .. ?? im having a little glitch everytime i put the hair on model 
IchiLewis's avatar
I can try! c:

Is it like a rigging glitch or something?
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Please allow me a small criticism!
Why do you work for a tutorial with the Japanese PMD Editor Menu?
I can not reconstruct what you've done!
English is a world language (Japanese, it is not), and the PMD editor is also available with English menu.
I can simply not reconstruct just which open for under menus are.
I wish you a happy new yaer.
IchiLewis's avatar
I have used the Japanese PMDEditor because I find it works best.

Also, the English PMDEditor is not official, so more people may have the Japanese PMDEditor. c:

I can add translations if you'd like?

And Happy New Year to you as well! ^_^
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No you must not translet for me, it's only a critic,
and when you made a Tutorial its better in engl.
when you use private its equal what you use.
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I was going to make eye facials, then when I wanted to mirror right side, the left side didn't change >.<
Did I do something wrong :'O
IchiLewis's avatar
I'm not sure. Do you have any screen-caps? I could have a look c:
McChipy's avatar
Nah fixed it... I had to reopen the whole pmx ._. it had an error xD
But thx anyway ^^
IchiLewis's avatar
Hehe that's okay. Glad it's okay for you! c:
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