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Picture taken in Mexico by the awesome Cato Kusanagi!
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Excellent work.
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Pretty soon she'll become a legend of cosplay. Either that, or she already has achieved that status.
RosalinasBiggest1Fan's avatar
Very beautiful! Wonderfull dress. Love it, i want one too X3
Toxic-Fox-Girl's avatar
Beautiful cosplay! :aww:
MarioBrosFan191's avatar
U make a perfect rosalina O: O: O: so excelent >W<
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KeyboardingChihuahua's avatar
Wow! Can't imagine how hard it was to make that dress!
IchigoKitty's avatar
it wasn't too bad, but I did pick a difficult fabric ^^;
Spoon-spring's avatar
this is the best rosalina cosplay..and the cosplayer
auress's avatar
you realy are one of the best cosplayers out there. you look exactly like rosalina. but peach and rosalina have such a easy character design, that this wasnt so hard 2 do
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thank you very much
auress's avatar
your very welcome. and everything i just said was all true so great job on your cosplay!

again your very welcome
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WOW!! Your cosplay of Rosalina is definitely the best I've seen by far...I have a few questions, if you don't mind...? I am also trying to make a rosalina costume for my upcoming 20th birthday party. I really like the way that your accessories turned out! My questions are: what did you use, where can I find it? Also...if you have any suggestions about how to do the makeup, that would be awesome!! :D
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for a lot of the accessories and gems I made my own shape out of sculpey, molded it and then cast it out of clear resin. I used a wooden star from joanns and foamie as well as polystyrene for the chest and crown
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