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Liquid plastic (resin) tutorial

By IchigoKitty
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Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Smooth on also has a rubber molding material. That is what I use. I may post a tutorial on that also.

Please browse the other comments a little to see if your question has already been answered first! That would be a great help!
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this is really neat! i was wondering where you get or how do you make the mold? danka mucho!
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Thank you so much! This will be very helpful ^^
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OMG this is increidble!
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o.o~ I didn't know some resins go white like that. I use clear cast o:
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wonderful little tutorial.
Just a question: here in germany this resin isn't a salable goods, so the hint to buy it online is good. But what is, if I want to color it in blue, green or gold like a normal gemstone? Can I use tinting paint?
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If you're trying to achieve things like gems then there is a tutorial on Youtube that they use ink from a ball point pen. Do what =LeaneaMee101 said too and get clear cast resin since they dry clear and not the opaque white which is shown in this tutorial.

[link] thats one of the youtube videos to get some ideas from and you can do your research from there. Always do a lot of research and small tests before jumping right into the project as a whole so you don't mess up. :D good luck on your casting!
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Normally for people to get color resin without painting, they use clear cast resin and while mixing the two parts together, they add some paint to the mix. There are a lot of tutorials online to do it.
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Very nice tutorial. I'll have to see about trying this method at some point.
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thank for help dear
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nice tutorial, looks to be very similar to the EasyFlo 120 i use from mouldlife :)
not tried smooth on's products yet
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So helpful! There are lots of custom pieces I'd love to make, just needed a push in the right direction. Thankyou!
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How durable is this resin? I saw the gold buttons in the "after" pics below the tutorial. I want to design something like that, a starshape, that is, but I'm afraid the tips would break off. :(

If they rub against a cloth material (I'll be using a soft denim) do you think they'll be in danger of chipping?
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it's very durable
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What do you use as your mold?
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Oh, sorry. I didn't see previous comments.
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Did you carve out the shape onto the mold first o.O then put the resin in after wards o.o
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^^;;; no. You should just look up videos on youtube of mold making tutorials and you'll see.
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How awesome! :D Thank you so much for this.
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Great tutorial and very helpful! Thank you! :)
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