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Well, I've started practicing with my left hand June 2009. Yes, its only been 2 days, but its been going slowly. Drawing w/ my left hand is different (my pinky & ring finger tend to grab the paper). I remember when I was drawing w/ my right all the fingers would curl under. I don't know. I didn't practice much after I had my stroke because I was feeling sorry for myself. I'm still paralysised my right leg, right arm and I still have trouble with speech & thought (its like my brain is in a washing machine). The Veteran Affairs & Social Security Offices both said I be disabled for the rest of my life. Oh, I now hate talking on the phone cause being on the spot causes me to have a brain fart all the time. Besides sketching I think I'm going to try paint markers. I'll probably put something up around December 2009.

That's another thing all of my cameras are for right handed users....does anyone know of left-handed camera? I really want one. Right now I put the camera upside-down to be able to hit the shutter button.
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