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Yep. I'm moving accounts to this one right here: :iconichisari:

(I don't have anything up at the moment, but hopefully I'll get to do a practice portrait soon.)

Honestly, I just want a fresh start and a new username
As per usual, I'm just gonna try to keep that account quality portfolio worthy(??) and just to dump everything else on my tumblr
Anywho, thanks for reading and sticking around. I hope to see you guys around! 

note: and yes that means i'm gonna take everything out of the storage and horrify everyone. i'm sorry not sorry .
Hello. I would just like to say that I'm a terrible person for sort of annoucing that I'm back with a joke.

Happy April Fool's, yeah? :icontrollfaceplz:

Anywho, I'm back! I think...
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Hello. It has been a while, hasn't it? I realize that I promised I would be back one summer break started, in my last journal entry. It has nearly been a year since I posted that and for breaking that promise, I would like to profusely apologize. While I was gone, I was/am working hard to hone my traditional skills. In that time, I realized that art has lost the luster that it used to hold.  It has almost became a chore. I'm no longer drawing to draw.

So with that I will be leaving the DA community for a while. Just enough to get the spark back, you know? However, I'm not leaving without a gift, so Wonderland fans, please look forward to it!


P.S.: Happy April First! :icontrollface:
Wellllllll....That sounded weird. But yay. UPDATE. WOOT. AND SOME GOOD NEWS. And bad.

Let's start off this journal with how I got my "signature" username. *cough*

Okay. TOTALLY OFF TOPIC. Anyways....

I was in the 4th/5th grade and I was on Poptropica. And OBESSED with Tokyo Mew Mew. No, not really. I was learning single words of japanese and I happened to learn that "ichigo" meant "strawberry" in japanese. So while playing Poptropica, I had to save so on the spot I got the name Ichigo. Unfortunately, someone already took the RANDOM GENERATOR. TA-DA, the birth of a totally not generic name: Ichigo84.
Okay so how does it relate to this journal? Well... you know how in shoujo mangas (*cough* Special A *cough*) they get ranked? Well.. I got ranked #84. Not like a shoujo manga with #2 or #1.

WHAT IS THIS IRONY?! :iconotlplz:

On the other hand, I have gotten into that art school I was talking about in my previous post! ; u ;
But a lot of my other friends got into the alternate pool or rejected. :iconforeveraloneplz:

And I'm super busy now. orz SO MANY PROJECTS. But a lot of them are related to art. So I'm drawing a lot now. But a lot of it are sketches, which I ocasionally upload onto my new tumbr →
I'm still doing the requestes. Don't worry. They are in my mind, drifting around there somewhere. So. The dreaded: HIATUS.
As some of you may already know, I'm working with::iconitanarusuno:and:iconmisamisa132:for this new project.

And Japan. My best wishes are to the people there. ♥
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Woot. Thank you for your support!

I had my auditions on the 29th of January. So nervous. Jittery and stuff. GAH. They had preserved hearts and animals in jars...ahh.... I love art. xDD And what a great way to make the auditionees feel less nervous. LOL Anyways for those that were wondering what we had to do...
    Draw three things. In 30 minutes.

I drew...
    1/2 of a wooden apple 1/2 of a plastic wine bottle 1 fake cardinal 5 peices of plastic leaves and some sort of vine?

So that makes 7 things? Huhu. I failed. OTL

And this month, I've been extremely busy. With all the procrastinating of projects (lyke rite n0w. DERP HURP), pulling all nighters because of that, profiencies (lol, I can't even spell that. How am I going to pass? OTL ), and just trying to get my workaholic spirit back.  Your little ducky is working hard. :icononitiredplz:

ON the other hand...
THANK CHU GUYS FOR 1k VIEWS! ajfdshfakjhdfkas :iconloveloveplz:
I'll try to do something special for this... or Single Awareness Day. I also plan to do something for several contests..I have ideas...but it's just not getting on the paper. I also have two projects I want to start. One's a secret and the other is something similar to a one shot? I haven't got the plot quite done yet. And both of the projects are for the sake of practicing paneling. xDD  The idea is just floating in my comes the bad BUT. <lol but>
Lately, I got my newest artblock. RIGHT after I got rid of the last one a month ago. :iconblooddeathplz: GONE! LOLOLOLOLOLOL WUT.

BUT...bia for now! *off to homework* :icononiskiplz:
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Hello. It's uncommon for me to write journals on DeviantArt...but... WTF. I'll make an exception for this very important decision that will change my life.
If you just browse through my gallery you will instantly realize I specialize in anime/manga/cartoons and in no way is it related to realism. I've decided to pick one school in particular to attend to. It's an FINE ARTS Academy and I have chose to specialize in visual arts. However my dilemma is that I'm so-so on realism. IF I make in it with my applications and the audition,  then I'm good to go. In that audition, I have to provide 6 to 10 peices of art, all of which has to be realism.

So far I have six peices, some of which is not on DeviantArt.
    - Arcylic Painting (I can't seem to find the reference of this picture) - "Taemin's Lucifer Era" Graphite (I ruined his face. So no uploaddie.) - "Sue" Graphite (my friend's labrador) - "Goodbye..." Graphite - "Display" Mixed Media - "P U P P Y  L U V" Graphite

I will upload them and welcome all the CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM you can give.

However, if I don't get accepted to this school, I have two other choices but those two are still undecided. Thank you for your support. ^^
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Buuuuuut. Apparently... I'm it.
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1. [This is alllloooooot like what my ID is but... whatevs.] K-pop and manga are my drugs.
2. I is a fangirl oh so many things. *cough*SHINee*cough**cough*
3. 100% Klutz
4. Fails at math. I'm asian but I hate math. That's just plain weird.
5. I <33 sleep. I spend most of my Friday nights sleeping.
6. As you can see above *points to 5* I have no life. Yay for otakus~
7. I haz a monotone voice.
8. I fail at portraits. *tries to keep the meme fresh and new*
9. I can't cook fo chiz.
10. Nor can I dance.

I tag:
DA is screwing me over.. so I'll tag people later. ^^
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You just lost the game.

Pushing the game aside, I would like to thank everyone for all their favorites and views! :icononiononionplz:

You guys helps me reach 305 page views and AiW has 102 views!! I love you guys. :iconfinallyplz:


There's like only 12 deviations. I apolygize for the lack of art. Seriously, though, I draw a whole a lot more IRL. I'm just a lazy bastard that is also technologically challenged. SO, if anyone gots tips on improving my failz picture taking skills, OFFER 'EM UP!!!! BTW- I have no photoshopping skills or photoshop either. :/