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Influence Map by Ichigo84 Influence Map by Ichigo84
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The Korean Wave of course has to do something with this. xD Anyways, I find their ballads and debut song really inspiring. [Onew's and Taemin's vocals..... >///<]

Tokyo Mew Mew
I believe my first ever anime styled art was fanart of Mia Ikumi's TMM. And I got addicted to the unbelievably cute style from there on. And viola! Here I am today.

It is a constant source of inspiration. Got art block? Surf on DA! xD

Alice in Wonderland
The moral of this story? I really don't know. But I find it to be finding yourself and just escape from reality for a bit and slumber into of world of nonsense. I also loved other people's interperation of this classic story. [E.i. Pandora Hearts, Alice in a Country of Hearts, etc...]

Shugo Chara!
All my middle school years were obsessed with one idea: "Who do I want to be?" Oddly enough, I wrote this really emo poem about unlocking my heart, months before reading SC. lol Weird? Peach-Pits style have impressed me time and time again. I ended up creating a style that was similar to this. Also the first guy I drew was fanart of Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Fail. But notheless, a guy. This started my fondness of collared shirts, plaid, and ties. OTL

Vampire Knight
The eyes I draw are so alike to Matsuri Hino's style. OTL

Death Note
The realistic style and twisted morals shocked me. But I fell in love with the story. It's very well written.

D.N. Angel
The story idea was really something. The art was great,too. I've tried to draw spiky hair like this but I fail. OTL

Friendships & Life
My friends often tell me inspiring things and I find the little things in my life the most inspiring. They also force me to do random stuff. Cx But I love them all. :3

Sailor Moon
First ever anime? IDK. I remember watching this when I was really young. Too bad, I didn't know it was rated Teen back then. lol xD

EFFF YEAH. :iconyoucameplz:

Full Moon Wo Sagashite
This was the "final straw." By the time I finished this series, I was a hardcore manga fan. I've always admired Arina Tanemura's style and attention to detail. ;-; So beautiful.

Avril Lavigne
Middle school were depressing times. I stressing so much. Her songs helped me to go on. It was my strength. Then she got complicated. Note: Her fashion sense is coolios too. |D

Animals were the first thing I drew. Animal bubbles, sure. But they were cute. :< Animals, remains today, the most interesting topic that could be taught at school. *cough*lifescience?*cough*

Card Captor Sakura
[IDK. But it's special to me].
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misamisa132 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011  Student General Artist
Awww, these are all the things that made you to where you are today. . . hmm pokemon -w- that ones interesting enough but yet so obvious owo But I can see alot of those styles in your art now -^^- all so adorable >w<

OH and check this out! A girl from LVA wrote to me about my last picture on realism practice O: I think you should read it too because it made me think about how I should draw the picture for the portpolio :3

Yo, just passing through and saw that you're auditioning for LVA I attend there and want to tell you to not stress about the audition portfolio. This looks like a great audition piece! The teachers look to see your line quality, as in if it looks like you can draw from life. It looks like you're fine with that, so you should have no problem

During the drawing part of the audition, be sure to show the best life drawing you can! Again, they look for the lines, not shading. There's probably going to be a pile of stuff for the still life you have to draw , so practice drawing stuff around your house if you need too. It might help since the teachers look at the drawing you do there more than the portfolio pieces. Not saying you should just slap together a last minute portfolio, but it's just a little hint

I'm sure you'll do great at auditions! If you get accepted, maybe I'll see you around the art building! I'll be a senior next school year~~
Ichigo84 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
O: Thanks. ^^
misamisa132 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Student General Artist
lol xDD What do you think about what that girl said? O:
Ichigo84 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
It was interesting. And I think I might fail at that because my line art sucks. Big time.
misamisa132 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Student General Artist
OTL they are looking for how you draw your lines is what she was saying orz You dont HAVE to have line art ;w; itsk itsk
Ichigo84 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Well, I kind of meant straight clean lines. Not like inked line art.
misamisa132 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Student General Artist
even then~ :3
Ichigo84 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
OTL. I wish us both good luck then. >:
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