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Snow white

something stupid because I'm running out of ideas
art block is knocking at my window 'q'
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The dwarfs look so cute!
Amburu's avatar
That is amazing! :squee:
hapiel's avatar
I really wonder, where does your interest to make great pixel art come from? Shouldn't you be drawing oekaki like normal teenage girls?

Seriously, this is awesome!
ClownWaltz's avatar
OMG this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Faving this~!
monsterxmusicplayer's avatar
Omg!!! Sleepy! So cute! %uD83D%uDE0D
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AnimeAkahana's avatar
They're so cute!!! <3333 Ohmaigod Sneezy and Bashful are so ADORABLE!!! XD
rAndomNYAN's avatar
you make Disney's Snow White designs 20% cooler, no wait, you make it 100% CUTER AND COOLER!
Tabby-Katt's avatar
It's not stupid, it ADORABLE!

Your details here are amazing and I love Snow's outfit.
TheSpazztasticPony's avatar
OH MY GOD!! Out of all the Snow White fan art or versions I've seen, this has too be the best!! The colors have exactly the right look, not too bright but not too dark! Snow White looks very original and the dwarfs are just huggable!!
Oo0oshin's avatar
You’re really an artist ^^
Good luck !!
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TheUkelele's avatar
Sneezy is so adorable~ :heart:
UltraShinyJolteon's avatar
So friggin cute!! Omfg. This is amazing. I love how you changed everything from a cartoon to something a little anime-ish. And I love the dress or kimono on Snow White ^^ Excellent Job.
xxxmikanbouyaxxx's avatar
Super cute! I like Snow White's dress.
Ixirdbii's avatar
Sweet jesus Snow White looks so cute. ;D;
Mrflackieisback's avatar
everything is better when it's chibified
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Ongnonymous's avatar
Oh God...SNOW WHITE. I love Snow White!! This is so cute!! x))))
Dendino's avatar
Is it sad that I know which dwarf is which?
SparkzofHope's avatar
8D Omg, I love her outfit!! Who would've thought the original dress would look so pretty if made how you presented it as.
dreamy-bunny's avatar
ADORABLE (,,>_____<,,)
can I just hug them all please~
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