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Naruto OC - Kokumotsu Toshimi (pre-chuunin exam) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Kokumotsu Toshimi (pre-chuunin exam) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 3 0 Naruto OC - Sasaki Junna (genin) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Sasaki Junna (genin) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 5 0 Naruto OC - Okazaki Umeko (remake) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Okazaki Umeko (remake) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 4 4 Naruto OC - Tachibana Suzume (Konoha Uniform) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Tachibana Suzume (Konoha Uniform) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 5 4 Naruto OC - Yuki Mikayo by ichicchi Naruto OC - Yuki Mikayo :iconichicchi:ichicchi 8 2 Naruto OC - Mokushi Risa (genin) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Mokushi Risa (genin) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 4 2 Naruto OC - Okazaki Umeko by ichicchi Naruto OC - Okazaki Umeko :iconichicchi:ichicchi 6 3 Naruto OC - Kokumotsu Toshimi (shippuden ver.) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Kokumotsu Toshimi (shippuden ver.) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 3 0 Naruto OC - Matsumoto Yuujiro by ichicchi Naruto OC - Matsumoto Yuujiro :iconichicchi:ichicchi 5 0 Naruto OC - Toshimi and Toshizou by ichicchi Naruto OC - Toshimi and Toshizou :iconichicchi:ichicchi 2 0 Miyaren by ichicchi Miyaren :iconichicchi:ichicchi 0 0 Lena by ichicchi Lena :iconichicchi:ichicchi 1 0 Azusa by ichicchi Azusa :iconichicchi:ichicchi 3 3 Naruto OC - Ueda Onigiri (chuunin) by ichicchi Naruto OC - Ueda Onigiri (chuunin) :iconichicchi:ichicchi 2 0 Naruto OC - Sasaki Junna by ichicchi Naruto OC - Sasaki Junna :iconichicchi:ichicchi 4 0 Makoto by ichicchi Makoto :iconichicchi:ichicchi 2 0


Hello Spring! by KeiARTx Hello Spring! :iconkeiartx:KeiARTx 44 20 Kurenai Yuhi by AiKawaiiChan Kurenai Yuhi :iconaikawaiichan:AiKawaiiChan 20 3 Sailor moon by KARIS-coba Sailor moon :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 457 43 Elfa (commission) by KARIS-coba Elfa (commission) :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 61 1 Jesus Chibi (COMMISSION) by KARIS-coba Jesus Chibi (COMMISSION) :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 79 11 Sailor Venus Chibi by KARIS-coba Sailor Venus Chibi :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 154 13 Sailor moon chibi by KARIS-coba Sailor moon chibi :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 222 10 todoroki-chibi(Boku no hero) by KARIS-coba todoroki-chibi(Boku no hero) :iconkaris-coba:KARIS-coba 94 5 GAI SENSEI AND ROCK LEE - NARUTO by Mostflogged GAI SENSEI AND ROCK LEE - NARUTO :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 501 25 Kurokami-Kanzashi's Momoware by HistoricCostume Kurokami-Kanzashi's Momoware :iconhistoriccostume:HistoricCostume 17 0 Konohagakure Map by CooroInuzuka Konohagakure Map :iconcooroinuzuka:CooroInuzuka 14 4 Urume Aburame SxS child Color by SunakiSabakuno Urume Aburame SxS child Color :iconsunakisabakuno:SunakiSabakuno 231 12 Lin-Li Maito GxK child Color by SunakiSabakuno Lin-Li Maito GxK child Color :iconsunakisabakuno:SunakiSabakuno 288 11 Land of Wind Map by Fire-Daimyo Land of Wind Map :iconfire-daimyo:Fire-Daimyo 2 3
Have My Paint Tool Sai !!!
I just wanted to post up my links so ya'll can have the program but i am not tech support. Please stop asking me for help on your sai malfunctioning. This is a pirated program - its gonna have issues and even I dunno how to fix em. This has no viruses as far as im concerned. 
UPDATE #3 | 12/23/16 : To those who don't want floating panels / tool boxes in their Sai for 'VileBile's Custom Sai 2" - Here is a tutorial on how to reverse it or actually enable it for those who want it in their OWN sai 
Floating panels in Sai settings
[ Hey Guys! Decided to update my sai download with the newest version I have - It has all my brushes, textu
:iconvilebile:VileBile 3,508 2,198
Emo Cute Pattern  brushes by Theshelfs Emo Cute Pattern brushes :icontheshelfs:Theshelfs 529 81



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Czech Republic
Hi! I'm a girl from Czech Republic who likes drawing, writing and listening to music and who's interested in anime and manga. Nice to meet you~ :3


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Naruto OC - Kokumotsu Toshimi (pre-chuunin exam)
Toshi's got her keikogi and obi destroyed when she used the clothing as a substitute for bandages to treat enemy's injury and save his life so I had to come up with new outfit for her. Meow :3 
Naruto OC - Sasaki Junna (genin)
Another remake. Sweating a little... 

Junna is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. She's pretty clever but shy and often gives the impression of reserved and swollen-headed girl but the opposite is true. It's quite hard for her to believe people enough to fight by their side but when someone who can be trusted appears Junna is ready to lay down her life for them.
She's a lightning user who would like to specialize in sealing techniques. She's also able to prepare several traps and is pretty good at tracking as well as at covering tracks.

And! She's my sweetheart. Meow :3 
Naruto OC - Okazaki Umeko (remake)
Nah, I didn't like previos version of Umeko so I've made another. She finally looks older than she actually is unlike her elder sister who's 26 and looks much more younger because of her growth defect.

And there's something about her: She's pretty good at taijutsu and bukijutsu - her most favourite weapon is mankirigusari so she's got really strong arms. Well, Suzume helped her with training a lot so it's no wonder she's like this.
As a weapon specialist Umeko prefers using her own skin rather than ninja scrolls when it comes to sealing of her tools. Both her hands and forearms are covered with tattoo-like marks which allow her to summon what she needs if she use hand seals - of course.
Naruto OC - Tachibana Suzume (Konoha Uniform)
I wasn't satisfied with the version of Suzume I drew three years ago so I've made the new one. You know, Suzume's older now and I wanted her to look more mature. And of course, she still wears her salmon pink bandanna with a head protector! :D (Big Grin) 
(The old version:
Naruto OC - Yuki Mikayo

Mikayo is a nineteen-year-old jounin from Kirigakure. Despite being a member of Yuki clan's branch house, she managed to learn clan techniques properly and became very capable kunoichi that made her able to obtain her current rank.

She's a practical young woman who pulls no punches. That fact is obvious especially when treating her students on team A. When speaking, Mikayo uses Same-ben* - the more she's upset, the less people understand what she says.

In past, Mikayo used to be a proud and cheerful child who wanted to serve as a ninja for the sake of Kirigakure. Everything changed when her parents died in the line of duty. While the girl was shaken by the death of her parents, her grandparents were proud of the sacrifice made by their own children. Soon, Mikayo heard her parents blew a chance of retreat and went on rampage to kill as many enemies as possible only to show Kirigakure’s power. She realized the mentality of the whole village was the same.

It was her uncle who proved not everyone thought that way and prevented the girl form isolating herself from the world around her.

During her student years, she learnt to keep her head down. Still, she secretly hopes someone strong enough will appear and defeat the current mizukage who is the source of such a stupid mentality. 

*She speaks the dialect of Same Island which is situated south-east of the Main island in Land of Water. I’d compared the dialect with Kansai-ben in Japanese and Ostrava dialect in Czech. She learned the dialect from her uncle, who was born in the main village of Same Island.



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Och, tak snad se ti tam líbilo. Meow :3 
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