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"...And it's "Savoir"!"



Pinkie Pie/King Sombra (c) Hasbro/Lauren Faust/MLP:FiM
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Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
You shouldn't do that the two are obviously in love
UnknownAlicorn's avatar
Is Triste wearing a cape that's actually a jacket?
booklover41's avatar
Yes, Yes I am, So about that drink?
XxgoldknightxX's avatar
Show some respect to the General she out ranks everypony here
Dorktoast's avatar
The answer is yes.
Zoroark93's avatar
*Rip Cord(One of my OCs) sneaks behind Sombra Pies and begins attempting to flirt with Triste only to be slapped*
midnight729's avatar
face it sombra, theres going to be a horde of bronys who would line up to date her... 
small-purple-dragon's avatar
ima guess that's a no on taking her out.
RoboRed's avatar
Well, she 'is' pretty darn cure...
HappyMcDull's avatar
I'm not interested in your general at all. I find her weird looking
DragonnFire29's avatar
Yes, Sombra Pie. We're all after Triste Savoir. And trust me, no dark magic is gonna stop us when we come knocking at your crystal doors.

At least, not once we bring out every megaweapon from every other franchise.
EmperorVertige's avatar
:iconkotomaruplz: Huh, I would never go on a date with an anon, huh
sigel4ever's avatar
ooooh you like your general, sombra pie?
necrolichmon's avatar
I must say yes, she does look beautiful. And she is the strong, silent type too.
Siiver7's avatar
I'd say she's graceful and beautiful, but considering that she's King Sombra's personally elected General, she's probably scary... O__o'
kingofraggedy's avatar
I'd tap that. Good job on the character creation.
Yordna's avatar
*Pulls out and cocks a Febreze bottle, which for some reason makes the same clacking noises as a Magnum*

What's it to you!?
MegaPatron's avatar
Shes very mysterious
Orangecraz's avatar
Wait, If Sombra is possessing Pinkie Pie, doesn't that mean he will at least have the "real" Pinkie bothering him incessantly?
DragonnFire29's avatar
Well, at least a million, I presume.

She seems to share consciousness, or at least memories, with alternate Pinkies. Check Equestria Girls for proof.
Zoroark93's avatar
*pulls out light machine gun* and what if I am?
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