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Prince Gummy!



King Sombra/Pinkie Pie/Gummy (c) Lauren Faust/Hasbro/MLP:FiM
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So who's exactly the master in their duo?
irkangirlq1516's avatar
Gummy's all, "My master got possessed by an evil tyrant king.... But she made me a prince... 0 fucks given!"
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is gummy the crocodile?

hes cute :iconrlyplz:

shinigamisparda's avatar
Oh dear Celestia, he's smiling. DEAR CELESTIA GUMMY IS SMILING!
ButtermuffinMLP's avatar
Mini cape!!!!! :3
I love it.
HappyMcDull's avatar
Awwww.... you gave him a mini cape of yours. How cute.
CosmosoGurl's avatar
Alll hail prince Gummy!
Geegens's avatar
Price Gummy the third!
StoryPony's avatar
She should make Gummy at white fluffy cat outfit to make her look like a James Bond villain. Super awesome pic, bro!
AmberCatProductions's avatar
This picture gets all my yes XD
SagelyByMoonlight's avatar
Why does Sombra Pie look so adorable all the time? Adding Gummy just increased the cute tenfold!
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
How can you not love Gummy?
kingtiger666's avatar
And suddenly, the theme from Caligula starts playing in my head.
Zaparcik's avatar
Unexpecting ^^
Gummy's loving it!
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