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I take part in the SAKURA exhibition.
The SAKURA-Ex is exhibited also in New York.
Please come to see :)


Exhibition Information in NY

2011/06/03 (Fri) - 06/09 (Thu), Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00, Sun 12:00-18:00
147 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001 "EXCY GALLERY"

Official guide:…

Thank you.
  • Watching: movie
I saw the movie of ONE PIECE (strong world) today.
The movie theater was very crowded. but, I got comic of ONE PIECE vol.0.
I spent two very happy hours :)
  • Watching: movie
I got PSP.
I'm playing LocoRoco( now.
This wolrd and music is verry cute!

My favorite music.
*Bu Bu Poruche ~Yellow LocoRoco's Theme~
*Bucho Mio ~Green LocoRoco's Theme~
*Doda Doda ~Falling Snow - Red & Pink LocoRoco Version~
*Merure Merure ~Bun Mucho's Theme~
*LocoRoco 2 Theme ~LocoRoco 2 main Theme~
*Bu Bu Poruche ~Yellow LocoRoco's Theme~
*arten daffu ~Viole's Theme~

Muimui is friend :)
  • Playing: game
Recently, I like Electronica and Dance :)

I take a picture for my cat! :love:
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About me
My name is ICHIMATSU. This is my pen-name.
I am japanese and live in Japan.Therefore, my English isn't very good.
But, I do my best.