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Ichema Art Folder Information

Welcome to the ICHEMA ART group!

:new: Hello there - and be welcome as watcher, stalker or member of this group with information to all Ichema characters and settings. Originally invented by =Asarea, the fantasy world Ichema is over twelve years old and still growing. Feel free to have a look into the galleries and if you have any question about the group or the world itself, leave a comment.

Folder Information:

:bulletgreen: Featured contains the best Ichema themed illustrations regardless if they're made by the founder or other artists.

:bulletgreen: Ichema Illustrations is the folder with all 'original' Ichema art done by =Asarea.

:bulletgreen: Ichema Fanart contains Ichema themed pieces done by other artists - trade art, ATCs, gifts or anything else.

:bulletgreen: Ichema Character Sheets is the collection of character sheets for the main characters. They show the coloring schemes and provide more information about the characters.

Thank you for your interest, for watching, for browsing and maybe you'll stay a while to share your thoughts!

Gallery Folders

Ichema: Storm of Leaves by Asarea
Ichema: Levitation by Asarea
Ichema: Practicing by Asarea
Ichema Illustrations
Ichema: Practicing by Asarea
Ichema: Dances with Water by Asarea
Ichema: Surprise by Asarea
Ichema: Night and Day by Asarea
Ichema Fanart
Thanalee by RiaStarchild
Asarea von den Auen by Igloinor
Ichema Character Sheets
Ichema: Aodann Charsheet by Asarea
Ichema: Asarea Charsheet by Asarea
Ichema: Selcarion Charsheet by Asarea
Ichema: Tomaseo Charsheet by Asarea
#Ichema-Art is a gruop dedicated to the fantasy world Ichema. If you want to participate, feel free to join in here as a

:bulletgreen: watcher - you'll get all new art and information easily in your inbox. Being a watcher means you're not contributing art but are interested in the Ichema background.

:bulletgreen: member - you'll get all the new art and information plus you're able to post art and favourites in this group. You may post one picture per day that must be approved by the admin.

Ichema is a growing and flexible background - if you want to create your own OC's in this world, feel free to do so and leave a comment - every kind of constructive input is highly recommended. We're looking for affiliates mainly in the sector of self-created worlds and fantasy genre. If there are things you think that should be added to this group's gallery (new folders, more information) let me know what you're thinking!
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Serrifth Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Beautiful art here i see~:heart:

Thank you for affiliating with my #Morgaleya group! 8D
Asarea Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much :heart: what do you think of a little art exchange in form of a trade?
Serrifth Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
You're very welcome! :3 I don't have a lot of time for trades right now (school/ton of backlogged work XD), but I'll definitely come back to you when i do! >w<
Asarea Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010  Professional General Artist
No prob :) I'd love to hear from you when you breathe fresh air again :)