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So I disappeared again... Every time I post a journal stating that I'm back and will start doing more activities I always end up going back to my old status and disappear again. I'm tired of it and I know you are too. I'm really really sorry everyone, and I think (and  I hope) that this will be the last time I'm apologizing for my shittiness.

About the long overdue commissions.. I'm not sure but I think a huge part of it is contributing to my depression and anxiety so I have finally decided to just refund them all or some of it. Unfortunately tho I'm still not capable of doing so at the moment as I'm still broke as fuck, (don't kill me ><) so I'm gonna do it slowly if that's ok with you guys. I'm gonna be using the money that I earn from my Patreon so yea I'm gonna be asking for a little more patience  from you please ><. Just forward me that original note about the commission info including the prices and stuff. I know it's a hassle and I'm soo sorry! ;A; but I just want to make sure that I will be sending the right amount.

If you don't want the refund tho and still want to receive the art, I will promise to finish everything within this year and if I fail to do it I will double the refund. >A<
Also If you have decided to change the idea of the pic, let me know.

Also I haven't mentioned it here yet that last year (a couple of months ago) my hard drive broke! I managed to retrieve 70% of it tho but sadly the 30% lost were mostly PSD files. So I have to start again from zero to almost all of the things I've already started working on. OTL this is gonna be really slow considering that I'm still using the shitty PC that I  still haven't upgraded yet in a loong time.

I know a lot of you are really really mad and again I'm really so sorry.

I'm so sorry that I have failed you guys. I'm so sorry that I have disappointed you.  
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February 17, 2016
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