Color sketch Commissions CLOSED!
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Published: February 19, 2014
Status: CLOSED!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! asdhajhdkjas :iconhappytearsplz:


Yep because I decided to upgrade my tablet and I needs some money :iconpapplz:
Turns out the problem of my tablet didn't fix after all. It goes back to being cray from time to time and today it works perfectly fine!! So yea idk anymore it is annoying. I guess it's time to get a better tablet. I'm thinking of getting an intuos pro the small one. >< It is too expensive so I'm opening a new type of commish to help me save up for it.

I will be offering a color sketch commission like the one below.
They're quick to finish so I don't think it will swamped me that bad. ><

*Leg/Waist up*

14USD one character
+12USD for additional character
+3USD for pokemon/small animals/etc/ (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

*Full body*

18USD one character
+15USD for additional character
+3USD for small pokemon /small animals/etc / (may charge more for larger poke)
*Maximum of only two characters per picture

Also guys I will be updating the price of my regular commish in the future. I will open the regular once I cleared my old list. Sorry ><
*Loyal customers may still refer to the old pricing.

So if you are interested just fill up this form and send me a note

Style: (leg up or fullbody)
Character Name:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Reference pictures:
Desired pose: (optional)
Short description of the character: (optional)

Thank you! ; 3;
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Darn! I missed this. Kainis naman. :(
soulie7's avatar
Darn missed them haha hopefully next time love this coloring style you've been doing and I hope you get your new tablet you totally deserve one bby <3
Arishoz's avatar
ArishozHobbyist Digital Artist
Gahh, missed this. ;_; But I guess I haven't redesigned Andrew yet anyway so I wouldn't have made it anyway. Can't wait to see these!
Miingno's avatar
MiingnoHobbyist General Artist
They are beautiful ;_;
And again thank you so much for the one you made me!!! I^ll pay you back somehow!! >_<;;
MajoRaccoon's avatar
MajoRaccoonHobbyist General Artist
Ohh, I don't have money u.u 

Don't you do :points: commissions??? 

Greetings :D 
ShadauxCat's avatar
I am trying very hard to commission you right now but DeviantArt refuses to let me send you a note. :| Do you have any other way I can send you the details?
MiyuKyuu's avatar
MiyuKyuuHobbyist Photographer
may i please? ;w;
Wes-of-StarArmy's avatar
Wes-of-StarArmyHobbyist Digital Artist
I would be happy to commission you again once you complete the commission I am waiting for.
m-kins's avatar
m-kinsHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope im not to late >.<'
oKaiba's avatar
Right now am at work and can't send the note, but do you think I could have a slot for a sketch comm? :)
anobouzu's avatar
These are beautiful and you've improved so much ;A; Unfortunately, I think I'll hold off until one day, your regular commissions are open again. I love those crisp colors -3- Good luck and sorry to hear about the tablet! Always sucks when they finally die out..
Kitkumi's avatar
Sent you a note. I'm so excited to have some extra money at a time you are open for commissions! :D
GioFD's avatar
GioFDHobbyist Digital Artist
PsychicCorgi's avatar
Is it okay for me to reserve a slot?? Because I'd love to have one- ;3;
Lacrirosa's avatar
LacrirosaHobbyist General Artist
I hope you accept all them omg;-;
luzhikari's avatar
luzhikariProfessional General Artist
when I open mine I hope you will still have this open ; v ; I got moths in my pockets right now hun OTL
Velums's avatar
VelumsHobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I can't resist!
TotodileYan's avatar
Omg. Totally noting you!
JoTehDemonicPickle's avatar
JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
dshajkgfdujgfhdskjagfdsj Are you still open for these?! I actually have enough money in my Paypal for one of these! *O*
VanilleCream's avatar
VanilleCreamHobbyist Digital Artist
I will reserve 2 full body pieces, with 2 characters for each pic please <;
noting you now ~
Wallicat's avatar
Nnnooo I don't have any money this time. D'8 Ah well, maybe next time! *7*9
MooseFroos's avatar
MooseFroosHobbyist Digital Artist
AAHHH raph kun 
I rly wish I had money
Would u like to do an art trade for these ;u;
UmbramOdium's avatar
UmbramOdiumStudent Filmographer
Soo tempted to get one of these though i wanna wait till your normals are open to give you my idea :D, ill defo think about it though i hope you get lots of commishies to get that new tablet asap ^^

Kind regards JJ :iconplzhug: 
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KysanHobbyist Digital Artist
I love your stile *____*
but i'm out of money v-v
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