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Guys I'm sorry I won't be able to refund any for this month as it's tax filing month 🤧 But I will try to finish a few drawings at least ✊ Also will upload old ones.
Thank you!
It’s my birthday today! And I’d like to thank everyone who wished me a happy one.

But I’m not really here to talk about that. I’m just gonna take this opportunity to apologize, yes I’m apologizing again, it never ends I know! And it’s getting ridiculous but listen to me and since it’s my bday today please go easy on me ;-;

Okay I am freaking hopeless. I’m a piece of shit, I’m a total mess and I’m better off dead tbh lol but I feel like that’s unfair and selfish because I still have this mess to take care of, and I can’t just leave it like that.

You may believe it or not but I really have been TRYING to get back to what I was before; Passionate, productive, and maybe hard working, but nothing. No matter how hard I try I just keep coming back to square one. One minute I’m motivated to do things and then a second later I’m back to being a mess and what’s worst is it stays like that for a long time, it’s a never ending cycle you know. I feel like I’m stuck and I’m just gonna be like this forever till I die. I’m not sure if losing 3 family members in a row made it worse but idk I just have a feeling that it will never get better. You may think that I’m giving up and you may be right, I think it’s a battle I really can’t win after all.

Anyway with all that being said, I’m suggesting everyone I owed drawings to just ask for a refund. Now I can’t do all in one go and I can’t offer a double amount this time since obviously I don’t have that amount. We will do it little by little if that’s alright with you. I have made you all wait for nothing and here I’m gonna be making you wait again, ha I really am the worst… but yea. Maybe I’ll refund 1-4 people every month. So just send me a note with your old commish details and how much I owed you and your paypal. I'll start refunding on the first week on November. 

I’m really sorry everyone, I have disappointed you all. I wanna say I’ll still try my best and do better but we all know how that will end.

Hi everyone,

First off I wanna greet y'all a Happy New Year & thank you for sticking with me despite of me being a total failure.

I want to thank you all again for the help and support you all have given me when I asked for it. Something tragic happened, I turned to you guys, and you responded. Thanks to all of you, the financial burden I was facing was alleviated. Words really cannot explain how grateful I am to you guys. I am indebted to all of you. I will do my best to make it up to you guys this year.

So 2018. Normally I'd be wishing rn for this year to be great but the last time I did, my entire year ended up being a total mess, I mean not trying to be negative but yea enough of that. I will really just try and do my best, period.

So let me start with apologizing (a bad start already?😓) for the lack of updates with the commissions 😫. These past few days/week have physically, mentally, and emotionally drained me so I thought I needed a few days break and heal, so yeah I'm so sorry. First week of January I'm gonna do a few Patreon piece (cause I need that money ><) but yea after that I'll resume working on commissions. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned it before but I'm gonna do the old and new list alternately, still prioritizing the old list tho.

Ok that's it. See ya soon everyone!
EDIT: We were able to finally get my dad's death certificate. Thank you all so much for your kind words, encouragement and support and to everyone who have offered to help, I really appreciate it a lot. 💕

I'm still accepting commissions, you can check the details below. Thank you!!! 💛


Thank you everyone so much for your thoughts, prayers and donations. Unfortunately dad did not wake up, he passed away last night. 😢

We still owe a big amount of money from the hospital (around 11 grand) and they might not be able to release him or we won't be able to get his death certificate until we pay the bill. We're hoping that they would at least accept our promissory note but yea, I need to do something. I'm very thankful for all the donations that you guys have offered but I realized I can't really rely on it alone so I have decided to just open a new batch of commissions cause I really don't have any other choice. I'm gonna be accepting slots until I reached my goal so this may take MONTHS or even a year or two for me to finish everything, if I somehow do end up getting lots of orders, so please keep that in mind or consider it before ordering. That being said, I will really try to be more responsible and do my best to not let it take that long.

So here's what I will be offering. I will be providing some samples later or you can check my gallery.

TYPE A Couple pic
~A full color picture with two characters (could be full body or leg up depending on the composition of the pic) + background
ADD-ONS: +$30USD for each additional character | +$5USD for small pet/animal/pokemon | +$10USD for each medium sized pet/animal/pokemon | $15USD for each large sized pet/animal/pokemon
I sure would like to get some tail tonight by ichan-desu That stinks do that somewhere else by ichan-desu Kiss my face by ichan-desu Bitch, you made us late...again! by ichan-desu

TYPE A2 Single pic
~A full color picture with 1 character (could be full body or leg up depending on the composition of the pic) + background
ADD-ONS: +$5USD for small pet/animal/pokemon | +$10USD for each medium sized pet/animal/pokemon | $15USD for each large sized pet/animal/pokemon
You lillicunt betch you stole my spot by ichan-desu To help her find flygon, you gotta say backpack.. by ichan-desu Im so wet right now by ichan-desu

TYPE B Turnaround sheet
~Turnaround character sheet. Includes front, side and back view of the character. You will get both nude + clothed version.
Thomas  Trine by ichan-desu Sophia Sinclair by ichan-desu Francis by ichan-desu Wolfie by ichan-desu

TYPE C Base profile
~1 full body base character profile. You will get both nude + clothed version.
Gundam Outfit 002 by ichan-desu

TYPE D Colored sketch [full body].
~1 full body colored-sketch.
ADD-ONS (in the same picture): +$25USD for each additional character | +$5USD for small pet/animal/pokemon | +$10USD for each medium sized pet/animal/pokemon | $15USD for each large sizes pet/animal/pokemon

TYPE D2 Colored sketch [leg up].
~1 leg up colored-sketch.
ADD-ONS (in the same picture): +$20USD for each additional character | +$5USD for small pet/animal/pokemon | +$10USD for each medium sized pet/animal/pokemon | $10USD for each large sizes pet/animal/pokemon

Will accept only ONE AT A TIME and will only be available once announced in a journal, first-come first-served basis. Pictures will be done within 48 hours after u paid the priority slot fee. 

I can do everything except:
1. Very complicated outfit/costume unless you provide a good reference picture.
2. City buildings
3. Mecha, tho I can try.


1. Send me a note for a slot and which type of commission you want.
2. Once you secured the slot, please pay upfront.
3. You can send your commission pic details when it's your turn. I'll note you.

Note: 1 slot, Type A

So yea that's all. Please please help me out. 😭

I'm still accepting for donations if you are willing just send to please include a note in paypal.


New batch commissions list

P.S. for the past commissions, I'm still not forgetting yours ;-;. Like I mentioned in my previous journals, if you want your ideas changed please let me know. Thanks

Hey guys I'm really desperate right now. I want to open more commissions but I don't wanna make the same mistake I did before that ended up in a total mess that I thought I could handle but couldn't. So here right now I'm shamelessly asking for your support and donation. As I've mentioned in my last journal, my father is still in coma and each day he is unconscious the bill grows. Just any amount of money you can spare would really help us out so much, and would very much appreciated.

Scott made an account for me on gofundme
or you can donate directly via my paypal or at if paypalme is not working. Please include a note.

I did open some special commissions in my patreon page and people have been so generous, but the total I made is still not enough ><. Although right now I'm gonna prioritize my long overdue DA commission list, I think I can do them back to back.

For donations, if interested, me and Scott will offer to give you all of our Patreon rewards (NSFW)

For $25 you can get some of Scott's Patreon rewards that is done by me
-IC Pinups
-IC/ICNG profile bases
-Gundam OC profile bases

For $50 you can get all of my previous Patreon (Worth 2+ years of rewards)
-EFT profile base
-EFT pinups
-EFT smuts (+ sequences)
-Fanart pinups (+ sequences)

For $60 I'll send you both

Just include a note in Paypal, if you want these rewards. Paypal link above.

I really don't know what else I could offer. But yea thanks everyone. Please continue to pray for my dad. God bless yall.
Dad is still in a coma. Almost no progress at all. Trying to be positive in heartbreaking and stressful situations is really really hard and at this point I really don't know how we're going to pay the still increasing medical bill, my family are financially unprepared for this.

Please please continue to pray for him. Thanks.


The past few days I was able to clear 7 colored sketch commission out of my list and sketched out 20+ chibis. Hoping this would continue and motivation won't ever betray me.

Again to my commissioners, since it's been too long, if you wanted your ideas changed just note me again the details. Thanks

That's all for now I guess. See ya
During my disappearance, I worked on my Patreon to earn money regularly and keep myself alive. I've done a lot of EFT profiles and pinups so I'm gonna post them all here. Just a heads up. Thanks
First off thanks everyone who have left nice words on my previous journal, I really appreciate it. 😭💛

Dad still hasn't woken up, but at least he's a bit responsive now. Please help me pray he gets stronger everyday.

Instead of stressing out over life right now, I will try to post anything here weekly or monthly, just so everyone, especially my commissioners, know that I'm still here. Could be a journal or a picture.

So here's a current update:

Yesterday I refunded 4 people. Even tho yea I need the money for medical bills, I just thought that sorting some other problems out will at least lessen the stress I'm having rn and it really helps. They were not that expensive anyway as my prices from way back were really cheap. So yea. 😭

Today I wanna finish at least 1 picture from an old commissions.

With baby steps, I think I can fix this.

I can't promise anything anymore as we all already know, I ALWAYS end up not following anything I ever say.

But yea, please don't give up on me.

Thank you.
Hey everyone

In my last journal I said I am going back soon but I didn't. I really want to trust me and I'm still trying but life just really hasn't been improving. Depression is only getting worst. My grandma just recently passed away and now my father had another stroke and is now in a coma.. I just don't know what to do anymore.


For my commissioners. I'm still not giving up on finishing some of your pictures. But if you want the refund, just message me again. Money is really tight atm because of all the medical bills but I will see what I can do. Thank you.
Hi everyone. It's been forever, how y'all doing ;-;

Ah I have been away for so long I don't know how to start.. Okay first off Happy new year everyone I hope y'all are doing well.
Hmm 2016 was really not okay ;-;. I have been unmotivated, unproductive and just overall the worst, all I did was update my Patreon account as I had no choice because it's one of my main sources of income and I have to stay alive. Other than that nothing. In my last journal I've promised I will try to finish all the art before the year ends, it's 2017 now and well I failed.. I'm really so sorry for disappointing you all. As promised I will be refunding everyone and double the amount. So just send me a note with the original note again showing the original price of your commission. Since I won't be able to pay all in one go, if it's okay with you, some of you will be paid by the end of January or February. Again I am so sorry  I have made you all wait so long for nothing ;-; though I'm thinking if for some reason you guys still have little faith left in me and really still want to receive their piece, please give me another one more month, I will try so hard not to fuck this up.

I have a good feeling about 2017 or at least I will try to make it better than the previous year. More active on this site and more art. No promises this time as I always end up breaking them, though it wasn't really my intention but yea.

Again happy new year everyone.

Im so anxious to post something. I know ur mad pls be gentle >o<

I have so much catching up to do. im so sorry

So I disappeared again... Every time I post a journal stating that I'm back and will start doing more activities I always end up going back to my old status and disappear again. I'm tired of it and I know you are too. I'm really really sorry everyone, and I think (and  I hope) that this will be the last time I'm apologizing for my shittiness.

About the long overdue commissions.. I'm not sure but I think a huge part of it is contributing to my depression and anxiety so I have finally decided to just refund them all or some of it. Unfortunately tho I'm still not capable of doing so at the moment as I'm still broke as fuck, (don't kill me ><) so I'm gonna do it slowly if that's ok with you guys. I'm gonna be using the money that I earn from my Patreon so yea I'm gonna be asking for a little more patience  from you please ><. Just forward me that original note about the commission info including the prices and stuff. I know it's a hassle and I'm soo sorry! ;A; but I just want to make sure that I will be sending the right amount.

If you don't want the refund tho and still want to receive the art, I will promise to finish everything within this year and if I fail to do it I will double the refund. >A<
Also If you have decided to change the idea of the pic, let me know.

Also I haven't mentioned it here yet that last year (a couple of months ago) my hard drive broke! I managed to retrieve 70% of it tho but sadly the 30% lost were mostly PSD files. So I have to start again from zero to almost all of the things I've already started working on. OTL this is gonna be really slow considering that I'm still using the shitty PC that I  still haven't upgraded yet in a loong time.

I know a lot of you are really really mad and again I'm really so sorry.

I'm so sorry that I have failed you guys. I'm so sorry that I have disappointed you.  
MY INTERNET SUCKS BALLS! I literally couldn't do anything. Just when I wanted to be more active, internet decided to be a dick. Most of my commish info, refs and stuff are saved online so yea.
It's fine now tho, I got a new one. Internet is stable again *O* Hopefully it stays that way forever. uou

And about commission, I have decided that I will not be accepting commissions anymore, I'm just gonna finish the current list I have and that's it. I might still consider some stuff but yea I'm still gonna be active here on DA. Again I want to thank everyone for your super ultra great delicious wonderful patience. ;3;

Like my facebook page *o* I'll post all my commission stuff there. Thanks!

Messages piled up so high.. I'm going crazy.

Hi everyone,

Okay here we go again.... Uhm yea it's going to be pretty much the same as my old Journal post and yea I suck.
I really want and hope that this is going to be my last journal entry about me disappearing. ;-;

Why do I keep disappearing? The truth is I've come to a point where I'm not enjoying drawing anymore, it isn't fun anymore and I wanted to quit (but I obviously can't cause I owe a lot of people some drawings and i feel I'm trapped or something). No matter how hard I try to force myself I just cant really finish a pic like completely zero motivation and usually when I did manage to finish one, I just end up hating the result. It's becoming more of a stressful thing to do than it being fun. I've become really depressed and anxious and it's the reason why I have not been posting anything. I started hating myself to the core to the point I even started hating my ugly physical self and I just wanted to disappear in this world. I didn't want to talk to everyone because I'm scared and anxious about it. I'm afraid of getting
a lot of hate because of it.

A few of you already sent me mail saying that I'm ignoring you. I AM NOT ignoring you guys or at least I didn't mean to, it's just that I really have not opened my mails yet because I'm scared. Which is really really stupid. (And I think technically that's still considered ignoring? OTL I'm so sorry).

But enough of this negativity, the main point of this journal is to let you guys know that recently I have been feeling a lil better, I've started doing more personal projects (Please don't hate me my commissioners ;A; ). At first I thought that this will help me cope up with my depression and help me get back on track with drawing in general instead of just lying and rot in bed the whole time. And it did help! I started enjoying drawing again and get excited every time I hold my pen.

My friend Scott (who has been helping me a lot with my shitty issues, specially financially ;O; ) encouraged me to open a Patreon page, it's like a win win for me, I do things I enjoy the most and earn some lil cash at the same time. Bless the people who made that site happen xD
So yea everyone, I'm introducing you my Patreon page! It's about our project Elder's Floating Temple! We're making this happen! For now it's all just character sheets and stuff but once we reached a certain goal we'll be finally start working on the actual manga! I'm really excited!

Here it is -> ( *beware the page contains a lot of nsfw stuff 'o' * )

Now about the commissions, I already started working on it again, still slowly and little by little tho but yea I guess it's better than nothing? OTL I sincerely apologize to everyone who have waited for ages. Since I started getting back my normal rhythm in drawing, I'll try to update more and I can only promise everyone a quality art. >< 

I want to thank everyone who has been really patient! Thank you so much and I'm so sorry ;o;

Today I created a Facebook page to update everyone more with my works! I'll post WIPS and stuff and I will try to be active more. For now I will post commission pics (color sketch) since the beginning.

Here ->…

To all my friends here! Again I'm so sorry I have not talked to youl for a long time now, I'll try to make it up to you guys. >< I love you.

The following days I will post some of the things I've done the past few weeks which is from our personal projects and hopefully more commission pics.

So yea that's all for now! Once again I'm so sorry everyone and I'll try my best to give you more fun contents regularly!!

I also want to thank the people who have been very supportive! Thank you! ;3; /hugs

Have a nice day and take care everyone!

Hi everyone,

I apologize once again for being MIA for a long while. Honestly I don't know what to write anymore  It's literally the same old shit and im sure everyone is sick of hearing it already like honestly I'm not improving at all, I've becoming more and more unproductive each days. Zero motivations, and been getting sick a lot. But anyway i just thought I'd write a journal to let you guys know that im not dead.

And Im still trying. I'm planning to post at least one full color pics every week (commission pics), easier said than done i guess but I will fcking try. If not then Im thinking of opening a facebook page so everyone can see which pics im currently working on, will post mostly sketches specially the colored ones. I'll post another journal for the facebook link once I made one.
Also i wanna push the idea of starting a patreon, to earn extra money and stop or at least minimize accepting commissions in the future. But I still don't know what will I do with it since most of my personal stuff aren't really that interesting. (it's supposedly my plan since last year but whatever)   
So yea. Again im really sorry everyone. OTL I was actually anxious and scared to even write a journal because i know a lot of you are already mad. Im really sorry.

I will try to read all the notes later, but I can't promise to be able to reply to all. I was thinking of instead of giving you another promises which I obviously really suck at, ill just do it and deliver all the pics when it's done. Please don't think that im ignoring everyone. I'll just talk less and do more.
Hello people!
First of all thank you so much to everyone who participated! I really really appreciate the effort!
We really had a hard time choosing the winners cause a lot of you are deserving, I wish I could give something to everyone who joined but alas I only have a limited amount of points >< Please don't hate me if your name wasn't picked. ; o ;

Here are the winners


Congratulations! points will be sent shortly

I have already sent everyone their llamas! Let me know if I missed someone.
Again thanks everyone!! See ya.

Thanks everyone for participating!
I will announce the winners later, I'll have my friend help me decide cause I didn't expect to get a hundred comments > o <
Thanks again!!

Okay so I thought of giving away some :points: to you my beloved watchers.

All you have to do is leave a comment below why you deserve such points XD
I will only be choosing 10 people! Each will receive 100 :points:
*Only my watchers are allowed to join*
This will only be open until tomorrow same time.
Everyone who leaves a comment will receive a llama badge from me. (that is if I still haven't given you one yet ofc)

Good luck :3

Hi people. Just letting you know that I'm still alive ><.. Sorry for disappearing all the time. ; A;
Anyway I'm doing better now and I'm back on track, just hang in there my commissioners we will get there! ;3;
I'm so sorry that I won't have much pic to upload right now but expect some soon!

And about my dad, he suffered from a stroke >< but he is recovering well now and improving! Thank god.
And THANK YOU everyone for the support and prayers! I love you all!! Thank you so much!!

Now for my/our plans for the coming months here on da..
Me and my friend have started another project, nothing special tho just a simple web manga/comics. We're gonna work on it once a week and hopefully i'll be able to post some teasers soon. It's called pen and paper.
Also hopefully this year we'll be able to finish chapter one of our other project EFT. I know it has been a long long time but me and scott are really struggling with chapter one, we've changed the idea like more than 10 times already. ><
I might start a patreon cause if this project gets funded, we'll actually be able to have more time to work on it. I hope some of you guys will support it. Hehe

Anyway that's all for now guys. Hope you all are doing good! ;3;

See ya.
I'm so sorry for my disappearance again. Life has been quite really rough. Depression keeps coming back. Internet has been cut off. And my dad is in the hospital right now. I just don't know anymore OTL. I'm really stressed about everything. I have been trying to play games to divert my attention and it did help make me feel better but then later I feel guilty about it so yea idk.

For the people who have been asking about their commission updates, specially the sketch commissions, I know I said they're quick to do but yea I'm taking forever on them right now. I'm really so sorry for the delay guys, I promise to finish them as soon as everything gets fine.
I actually thought of opening a commish again because the hospital bill keeps on increasing but I'm not sure about it. I might just contact a few people.

I'm only currently using a prepaid internet. Once I get a new service I will start uploading pics.
Hope you all guys are okay. And I apologize again for the inactiveness.