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Tutorial Attempt: Rock



Yay another attempt :iconmingplz:
Well I was chillin (taking a lil break drawing commish) and just randomly thought of making a tutorial D: So yea here it is.. Hope you'll find it helpful! ;3;
Sorry it was kinda rushed OTL and I'm not really good with words (not to mention my english sucks) so forgive me if you find it hard to understand the text /dead

*Btw the blueish thing doesn't really works on all pictures, like it depends on the theme? I dun really know I'm not pro =A=. But yea it's better to observe/study on real life pic for reference and or cool paintings OTL.

Edit: Okay so Flarefyre is kind enough to explain the bluish thing XD so yea the bluish thing works because the bg is blue, so the reflected light is blue. if it was sunset/afternoon, when the sky is red, the reflected light might have been redder. : D

See ya
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Very helpful thank you