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Red is to die for
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Published: February 11, 2014
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Commissioned by ArthAzuj
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Agreed!! Red hot lovers!! :eyes:
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joeFJProfessional Digital Artist
I am so comissioning you, like lots!
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laroondynastyHobbyist General Artist
I like your style, but one cannot help but notice the massive lack of variety. And not just with body type, which is fairly limited in your variety. Tbh, the only area within your style that has true variety is the hair. The faces, yeah, you have a rather unique facial style, but you use almost the exact same face for everything. The nose is almost always the exact same one. The eyes rarely differ all that greatly. Ears, have only a few default forms that you use. Facial structure, almost always the same. Body format, almost always the same. Even your expressions appear limited to the point where all your characters appear to have the exact same personalities, which is the one thing you should always have variety with. Dot get me wrong, it is a good style, but I just can't imagine your art truly getting anywhere without growth and you seem to have perfected those few defaults but neglect key variety. All art is the long journey to improve, but you aren't giving yourself much room to improve. I think you should explore additional sub styles within your style to liven up your art. It'll get you far if you do. I say this because I watched your channel for your unique style, but nothing ever seems new. It's as though you are reposting the same pictures over and over again. This is especially bad if you spend large amounts of time on each because the lack of fresh character sort of makes it all for nothing.
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kurolainHobbyist General Artist
Hello (sorry for bothering you), I just want to jump in here a little bit and explain stuff to you.  If you notice ichan-desu does have a large variety of styles. Look throughout his entire gallery there are different types of body shapes and styles incorporated into his pictures. I'm not saying you don't have a valid point, in this picture the characters do have the same body type and expressions and what not. However it just so happens that the person that commisioned him just probably wanted it to sort of be like that. These are not really his characters. Once again sorry for disturbing you. 
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laroondynastyHobbyist General Artist
hey, don't worry bout it, I don't consider it a bother.  I checked his entire visible gallery and folders just now to get a better view of things.  So yeah, I mostly stand by what I said. I just now took a few mini notes.  First off, I am not referring to how he draws pokemon, any of his chibis, or his three Adventure Time pieces, as they are done in the style that they're creator uses, which is good (the pokemon and AT. The chibis have limited features, but chibis are suppose to, so that's totally fine).  Now, the first thing that was readily apparent, was the simple fact that I didn't see a single fat person or chubby person.  The men are nearly all ripped, with the minimum visible body type still being fit, and each character's muscles have the same proportion distribution, meaning that they all work out in the exact same way.  These are actual collective observations. Every piece stands as my evidence. Quite frankly, looking at his OS "Elder's Floating Temple", it appears to be likely an action packed world, so it makes sense for the people to look fit and the fitness of the height charts is regulated by the owners of the OCs, so the only thing that may cause complication is the proportionality.  It is important to have characters with different physiques as far as focus. A boxer is bound to have much stronger arms than other characters. To see this for yourself, take two of his drawings that have the same chest region and they're bound to have the exact same leg region as well.  I'll take this time to point out that I have noticed that the women proportional variety.  Actually, the women just have the most physical variety altogether.  My final and main point however is this; the faces are far too similar.  They all have the exact same noses, the exact same mouths, and worst of all, they all have the exact same eye format. Noses, being not very important, don't need much variety, but they do need variety. For instance, while traversing his gallery, there wasn't one guy with a more chiseled face. Nobody had any particular special facial features.  Mouths, well, don't really need variety, although I'd seen not one female with makeup.  Eyes are the most important. Eyes and hair are pretty much what makes a character (including facial hair), but eyes more importantly.  The things that I want to emphasize most is the eyes. Eye variety is a must, especially for differentiating gender.  If you take every character he's drawn including both genders, put them in the same pose, remove their hair and accessories, and blend their faces together, you will get the exact same face with rainbow colored irises. And that's pretty bad.  Lastly, I still hold true to my point that he has a fantastic style, it just lacks variety.  He is by far better than I as far as digital art goes.  And none of these observations are meant to insult him. I'm only pointing them out so he can think about investing time into improvement, because although his art is great, I think he could make so much better art should he look into it.  Also, I point them out for my last sentence in my last comment. It would be pretty bad if he's spending alot of time on each piece because they aren't really having any different appeal. To me, it really does seem stagnant, so yeah.  But thank you for calling me out for I had not checked his entire gallery when I made that comment and the initial did seem pretty insulting. I really am sorry if this seems more insulting, it certainly isn't intended in that way.
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kurolainHobbyist General Artist
okay wow. So much text. lol. But anyways I do understand the point you are getting across. However I still see a ton of variety on his drawings such as this ichan-desu.deviantart.com/art/… . This picture clearly has different body types.    
also this: ichan-desu.deviantart.com/art/… (these pictures all have different styles incorporated into them). I'm not saying your point isn't valid as some of his other pictures do have the same type as well. However maybe the artist is more comfortable with his style. I mean if an artist is comfortable with one style they should really try to stick with it I guess?  
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laroondynastyHobbyist General Artist
the style exercise doesn't really change anything as it's simply looking at each different style of those particular people/companies. The burrito one is a valid counterexample though, but as I said, body type isn't really all that much of a problem. I never said he should use other styles. I was saying he should build upon his current style, experiment with it a little.  Because as I had said, facial feature variety is a must.
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GeeknGoodHobbyist Digital Artist
Just shut the fuck up. We get your point
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RaspdereProfessional Artist
Damn, you obviously can't handle criticism.
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MartsuiaHobbyist Digital Artist
at that point i didn't know what criticism was. 
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laroondynastyHobbyist General Artist
calm your shizzles. its an observational statement. no need to get all riled up
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kurolainHobbyist General Artist
I understand what you are saying. 
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yoklmnHobbyist Digital Artist
All your characters look unique, but I find it very strange that you make 90% of them with the same body type - ripped guys & big busted girls
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In reality it's my fault XD
I'm the commissioner XD
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jaqlinnyHobbyist Digital Artist
wtf the last one s my bf drawing! XD
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ZimzimbadabimStudent General Artist
I love the little dinosaur and the red afro. Great creativity there.  
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i like the guy with the tattoos the most :3
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Asmodan sincerily greets you U_U
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chiakiARTHobbyist Digital Artist
I love these kinds of sharts you make!!!
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