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Published: July 29, 2015
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Updated character sheet for Elder's Floating Temple.

Isabella is a 23 year old warrior banished from her people's home. A fantastic fighter of great strength, she now drinks her sorrows away at a local tavern.

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Very beautiful fun 
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White-Rose-Brian Digital Artist
Very good work!
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WOW!!! Amazingly sexy :). I love the fluidity of the pose, and her shapeliness!
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ChichimaHobbyist Digital Artist
She reminds me of Amber rose
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how do you get the level 3 patreon rewards?
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Very sexy work I love it, she looks to got some attitude. 
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Is it wrong to say that she has a nice ass?
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She is very strong!
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K-E1989Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:lick: Lick 
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fatenanoHobbyist Digital Artist
sexy fit milf Love Love Love CURSE YOU! +fav Heart 
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Love this character, and her curves :) 
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RandommodeProfessional Digital Artist
Wow. Geez 
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very pleasant work!!!
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xKinaroStudent General Artist
Wow nice
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ZayartsProfessional Digital Artist
wow nice work. loving the curvy stature
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The character design seems really nice. I like how she's not stick-skinny because that expresses a more realistic body image. However, seeing her occupation, I would like to note something rather important if you want to make her character believable:

I know people (please hear me out) always show big chested women in all these fighting roles, saying they're awesome fighters--but not really. First, most women who are athletic typically lose their chest and get a smaller one replaced by more muscle (in fact, it's a joke among women that that is the first place you lose weight). Second (for those who don't lose it) serious physical problems occur when you're athletic and that big up top--including extreme pain, strained tissues, loss of balance, severe and sometimes hindering back pain, and pulled ligaments. Plus, women get floppy, saggy grandma boobs really young because of the damage caused to them. That's why most large breasted women are not athletic. If they are, they need an extremely strong and supportive exercise bra (especially at that size, and even then it might be iffy) that binds them to prevent movement and damage from flopping around--which none of these characters ever seem to wear. In fact, they seem to wear the most skimpy stuff imaginable for people's eye appeal. So, it makes the characters seem less credible and more like a joke. There will always be that moment of disbelief in your character.

So, just as a note, if you want her to be believable but still fit and beautiful, you might want to reduce her chest size and/or give her a wardrobe that covers and binds that area so that she would realistically be able to move like a fantastic fighter.

Just a note. :D
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ReiMarahuProfessional Digital Artist
Though you have some fair points, it doesn't really matter since she's a fictional character in a fictional world. Appeal\aesthetics trump believability\realistic depictions. Though if we're talking about a little realism I'd add that depending on what kind of fighter she is her body type would change. She's definitely not a boxer considering the average build of her arms and back. Her abdomen and thighs seem to be where most of her musculature is located. Maybe a kickboxer then?

Either way, she drinks her sorrows at a tavern nowadays so her outfit and physique don't really matter. A fighter of any kind wouldn't wear hoop earrings so my bet is this is her tavern attire.
iamSketchH's avatar
Well, I don't think this is her tavern attire. It's just his underwear base for the character. He hasn't shown the attire yet. But, I'm with you on the hooped earrings part.

I noticed that about the legs, too, and was wondering the same thing. Thing is, I'm guessing the purpose is to suggest that she is still a fit and capable fighter and will likely be assisting the main characters when they happen upon her (which initially will likely be when she's drunk in the tavern).

I'm just pointing out that even a fictional world is ruled by certain laws that you either cannot break or must explain in a way that allows the reader to believe its logic. To put it best, as my professor once stated back in college: there have to be things that are universal. If you throw a rock, it falls. If it doesn't, it has to make sense as to why it doesn't fall. If you live in a world where there is magic--great. But even in a fantasy world, there have to be laws and physics to said magic and rules as to how the world is governed around it (if it's developed well).
  (...actually, it was this piece of advice in particular that really helped me with both character and setting development).

Thus, I was stating that (even with kickboxing), she needs either a smaller chest ~or~ if ichan-desu decides to keep the chest, then (when he shows her with clothes) she'd need to really have some support up there to bind them so that they don't move while fighting.
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ReiMarahuProfessional Digital Artist
Personally, I compartmentalize a lot with fiction, because relative to what
the fiction consists of I'm willing to forgive certain things that probably
wouldn't work in real life. There are things in some works of fiction that
are just over-the-top nonsensical but brilliantly entertaining and it's a
wonderful journey to just 'turn off' the brain and run with it.

At the same time I completely understand, and agree, with the sentiment that
a certain degree of believability should remain intact throughout the fiction in order
to maintain the illusion of a 'living, breathing world' with 'relatable characters'.

And with that said, I'm cool with the boobage, but yeah, sports-bra that shit. 
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I thought steroids were what caused women to have pecs, but proves what I know.  :O
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JesusclonStudent General Artist
she´s beautiful too
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EddieD0129Student Traditional Artist
:heartyfaint: :faint: 
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