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October 19, 2021
Princess Zelda - Twilight Princess by Icezimy
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Tea-Iroh's avatar

This is a great stunning, detailed artwork of my favorite Zelda from TP *_*

I want to ask with all respect and in a humble way, if I could

1. take this art and set the colors on black and white/grey-scale (or maybe there is a line art which I am allowed to use?) 

2. print it and

3 (re)color with pencils it to learn more 

4. Sharing the result with uploading it to my galleries. This means: No commercial use, just uploading it to my 'galleries' with credit to you and linking to the original artwork.

You can find examples in my 'galleries'.

Best wishes

Icezimy's avatar

Thank you! You can use it for personal learning but please don't re-upload a recolor or similar version anywhere.

Tea-Iroh's avatar

Thank you - I will do as you pleased

MissMoonshadow0501's avatar

This is so seriously one of the most beautiful artworks I’ve ever seen of Zelda. 🥰🥰🥰

Wow.... just wow, beautiful

Icezimy's avatar
catofire's avatar

This is amazing I love Zelda.

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MariPau123's avatar

I can't believe it, it's beautiful

JustDraw21's avatar

OMG.... This is brilliant

AnaheraAtamai's avatar

OH. MY. WORD. This is amazing! Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game and to see it portrayed like this... it just blows my socks off!!

Icezimy's avatar

Thanks alot, I'm really glad to hear!😁❤

Dr-InSean's avatar

That's the look of someone shouldering a lot of responsibility with few options. Very fitting for the TP Zelda.

Fantastic artwork. The pose and expression convey Zelda's feelings very well and the colors and lighting are great.

Icezimy's avatar

Thank you so much!❤

Amazing in love with her

ItsPkuu's avatar

absolutely stunning!! 😍😍

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Ururuty's avatar

She is very pretty.

gargoyleman412162's avatar

Zelda here looks so beautiful… & yet, so sad… I could just hug her. Excellent picture you did here, & my favorite Zelda video game is A Link To The Past on the SNES. 😁

Icezimy's avatar

Thank you so much, glad you like her! :)

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