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Weekly Hunt #121

Fri Apr 11, 2014, 6:00 AM by IceXDragon:iconicexdragon:
Every Friday, there will be a 'Hunt' for either the Most or the Least of something or other. It's a weekly (hopefully) fun activity, open to all, that will get you scouring deviantART for the best possible piece that fits the 'Hunt'.

The person who suggests the best piece will get four of their art pieces featured on our page and, in return, the piece itself will also be featured on dAseniors' front page!

Please suggest up to 2 pieces to this folder, not on this journal!

(It will be automatically approved, so make sure you submit wisely. Ohm... Ohm...)

Last time, we had the most...

Cute Spider!

Baby Jumper by Anrico

Suggested by a-kid-at-heart

More Awesome Suggestions:

oOOo by shalomsalam

Suggested by iAmoret 

Chubby Spider's Family-Picnic by yuki-the-vampire

Suggested by DMD-CT 


This week, the theme will be the...

Least Sunny Day

Happy hunting!

Bullet; Blue When does it end? Any time next Friday the folder will close, so get your suggestions in before then!
Bullet; Blue Have a few theme suggestions? Send us a note!

DMD-CT Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
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