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Fella Features You! Vol 7.

Thu Feb 13, 2014, 5:09 PM


This is a biweekly feature series, coming out every other Tuesday (it was late this week) that features art that YOU choose!

After enjoying the art content below, feel free to comment on this article with up to 3 pieces of art (your own or somebody else's) you want to show up in the next issue!

Here is what you chose last time!La la la la

Psychotic Children by YorukoChikokoro Music 2 by YorukoChikokoro  Little Girl by YorukoChikokoro Xerneas Wallpaper by MewKnows Yveltal Wallpaper by MewKnowsFinding Peace by Jessica-Rae-3 Zygarde Wallpaper by MewKnows

If you have time, please do not forget to suggest your own stuff, or somebody else's, in the comments below!:eager:

A feature series that comes out every other Tuesday!La la la la YOU choose what gets featured!:happybounce:
914four Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconsafia3: is probably the most impressive published author I have discovered of late. After reading her novel "Swing Zone," I went out and bought her other two books also available on Amazon. Then I discovered she was on :dalogo:! While I highly recommend both "The Cargo Man's Tale" and "Homebound," if you would like to read a sample of her work you can read this developing story here:    The Destroyer : 11.
Summer was a burning blade rippling through the streets of Manhattan. It made ovens out of the tenements in Harlem and mocked the struggling window units that dotted their brick facades. Perspiration coated the nameless faces that passed beneath the open mesh of Mallorie Ortiz’s fire escape. She sat, leaning forward against its bars, her hair hanging loose in a tumbling cascade, her tan, sandaled feet dangling high above the broiling pavement. Traffic was grid-locked and noisy at that hour; the poisonous smell of diesel exhaust just typical city incense.
“Eat something.” Her mother hurried past the living room window, fixing a final bobby pin to a neatly restrained bun of black hair, her feet twisting into a pair of sensible shoes. Stopping at the mirror, she applied dark lipstick and tossed the tube in the pocket of her apron. “Mallorie!” she shouted, glancing out the window while she clipped on a small teardrop earring. “You’ll be late.
You won't be disappointed.

Did you enjoy "The Hunger Games" trilogy? I, personally did not; I found that the only characters one could have any empathy for got killed off in short order, and the protagonist was highly unlikable. On the other hand, I found this fan-fiction of the "The Hunger Games" to be better than the original. The action and introspective scenes are just as powerful, yet the characters are more human; to paraphrase Hemingway, they actually behave like real people instead of caricatures. If you have a few hours to kill, I highly recommend this story about the 53rd Hunger games, even if you didn't like the original: 
Two WordsI volunteer.
It only took two words to change my life. I stepped forward and repeated it, when the escort was up on the stage, asking for someone to take my best friend's place. At first I was reluctant. I could make new best friends, right? My life didn't have to revolve around her. Then I saw her family. Crying, weeping, sobbing. Each in a different state of despair. That would be my own family if I volunteered. However, I knew that I had a better chance than her. Maybe I could win. And if I didn't, I still figured that it was worth a shot.
I volunteer.
I scream it out once again as I run up the aisle. It's almost like I'm afraid no one will hear me. My best friend starts sobbing all over again. Bunching my dress in one hand, I climb the steps. Because she knows she can't argue, my best friend runs down the steps, almost losing her balance on the way to her family. The escort, Velia I think her name is, sticks the microphone in front of my mouth. It is smudged with her dark yellow li
Keep an eye on :iconwordslost:, I suspect she'll go far!

Lastly, in the shameless self-promotion department, if you enjoyed the brief excerpt from "The Kentauride" featured above (and assuming you've read the entire book and just can't wait for the sequel!), this is a short story written exclusively for :devart: audiences. It is entirely outside the novels, but takes place chronologically after "The Centaur."
The Kentauride - Hors Serie
Anik arrived home from school, removed her winter coat and boots and went straight upstairs to her room.  She turned on her laptop computer, checked her email, and then logged into her school website to do her homework.  An 'A' student, she finished her French and English lessons quickly.  Math took a little longer, but in less than an hour she was done and submitting her homework for evaluation.  After checking for a confirmation email that all of her assignments had been submitted and were 100% correct, she logged into :devart: DeviantArt.  Her last deviation, a picture she had taken of herself with Tanita a few weeks earlier, had received over 200 views, 18 favourites and 7 comments.  She read the first one and clucked her tongue, annoyed.
"This image is misfiled, it should be under photo-manipulations."
She typed her response: "There is no photo-manipulation, I took this picture myself."
The next two read: "Nice image, she
Hope you enjoy it :-)

axslayer33 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
deano-m Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
wooo cool features :D
*self plug*

man made waterfalls. 
Photo-A-Day Project - Day 4 - Roma Street Parkland by xo-deano-ox

and this guy can draw vandenhoorn…
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