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Emote Story Project: The Test...



"To get the orb, you must cross the abyss and defeat the grey ninja for the golden dragon tooth. If you succeed and bring back the tooth, I shall grant you with the orb. But if you fail - I eat you..."

My *late* entry for =Web5teR's Emote Story project!:la:

I tried my best to make it look at least half as good as the rest of the entries, because all of them are flippin' awesome!:wow:

So, how will they cross the abyss? If they do, will they defeat the grey ninja and get the golden dragon tooth? Or will they fail and get eaten? If they get it will Dio (Alcedon) have an evil plan to take the orb? Or will *I'm not going to say what I think might happen as it might contaminate the rest of the entrant's entries*? That's all up to the rest of the participants to select the fate of the story!:eager: Look out for the next page, done by =Kyramy!:dummy:
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Protip: If you fail, run for it. Do not go back to get eaten.