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LEGO Prometheus Poster

I made this fan-art just after I saw Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Even if the film was often dull (the ontogenesis of the Alien monster), at least it had nice visuals and some good points. The best part for me was Fassbender's portrayal of David the android. Anything you like (or dislike) about this film?

Based on poster for Prometheus, property of FOX.
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i disliked the continuity errors between Prometheus and Alien
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oh no you did NOT just do this.... ok, if not a movie poster, then a game, cause I would totally play it XD I loved Fassbender's David: creepy yet charming, freaky and awesome. I love the way he speaks and smiles :0
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Nice work! Seen on Reddit frontpage at [link]
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Thanks for the link. Some quite interesting comments ;)
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*looks at lego head* our orgin is lego? Groovy.
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I KNEW IT, WE CAME FROM LEGO!!! it all makes sense now...
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This is a magnificent version of the poster. Oh my god it's perfect.
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Well, it's not so perfect, but I hope I managed to capture the atmosphere. Thank you!
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EPIC Job Dude! I watched the movie, and it's a great one!
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hahahahahahahaha lets see the movie tie-in lego game to this one
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Well, I'd rather imagine Lego videogame based on the Alien series. I'd certainly play as Hicks. Or Newt, just for fun of it :D
AnnaReiJoy's avatar's funny :D
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bwahahaha this is great
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