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Ok  for some deviations Ill include a question you must guess while posting a comment! If you get the answer right youll  get an adorable chibi character holding a cookie


-Only one cookie per person, per question
-I might give from 1-5 cookies per question(s)
-In case there are many questions, the person who gets more points gets the 1st cookie
-getting the 1st cookie means you have more posibilities to customize your cookie, the more cookies Im willing to make the more customized with the 1st one be, by this I mean adding signs, changing the cookies flavor, etc...
-All Cookies are requested by the winner of the cookie (unless what is written above, you may request any character for the cookie)
-Cookie characters may be anything, as long as its simple enough (no very complex chars and above), it will look like an anthro-like animal, or and anime-like character due the template.
-No requests unless you got the question right! For adoptable requests sample here:… semi-realistic ponies)

The first cookie it HERE:…

The 50 Songs Challenge!!:

1.Through the Fire and Flames, by Dragonforce

2.Viaggia Insieme a Me, by Eiffel 65 [link]

3.Rainbow in the Dark, by Dio[link]

4.Dragon Roost Island (Acoustic version), by Koji Kondo
Progress: working on color

5.Morphine, by Blood

6.We Gotta Power, by Hironobu Kageyama
Progress: Done!

7.- Suite for Jazz orchestra #2 /Russian Waltz, by Dimitri Shostakovich: penciled!

8.-Moonlight at Cove Castle, by Mannheim Steamroller: DONE!

9.- Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi from Carmina Burana

10.- Itsumo Nando Demo, by Yomi Kimura
Line DONE, Starting to color

11.- Come Home to the Sea by Mannheim Steamroller
Idea ready

12.- Symphony No 5 for Organ In F Minor Op 42 No 1-Toccata by Bach
sketch ready

More to come!!




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