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Rachel is a main character that appears in my story The Guardian Of Remnant that is on Wattpad.

Name: Rachel Cooper
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Faunas
Occupation: Student(unofficially)
Height: 5'6
Eye colour: Deep blue
Hair colour: Golden(with black tips)
Aura colour: Deep blue
Semblance: Unknown(currently)

Bio: For the early part of her childhood, Rachel was raised on the predominantly Faunas-inhabited island of Menagerie, where she lived with her Mother, a reindeer Faunas known as Leara and her father, a lion Faunas known as Samuel. Rachel's father, Samuel held an important position within their small costal village as he was the consultant and adviser of Ghira Belladonna, the chieftain of Menagerie. When Rachel turned eleven, she and her parents journeyed to Heaven Academy, where the Vytal festival was being held. However Rachel and her parents were attack along the way by a Grimm that had taken on the form of a sea dragon. Rachel had survived the ordeal, however her parents, along with many other passengers, did not. Rachel was recovered by a group of coastal guards that weren't far off from the coastline of Vale. The reindeer Faunas then spent the next four years of her life within an orphanage, until she ran away once she turned fifteen. Rachel spent a few months on the streets, until she encountered a retired Huntsman known as Jake Charcoal, who decided to take care of her. The two quickly formed a strong father-daughter like bond and Rachel soon became a security guard along with her adoptive father Jake, in hopes that the Faunas would be trained as a Huntress.

Personality: Rachel was a very cheery and upbeat during her younger years, but after the loss of her parents and her time spent in the orphanage had transformed Rachel into a rather shy and reserved individual, who mostly kept to her self. She's an intelligent young woman and despite her withdrawn demeanour, will not hesitate to correct those who she believes are wrong, which usually ends up with her finding herself in some sort of trouble. Despite her shy character, Rachel is no coward and will stand up for the innocent and for what she believes in. After her attack, Rachel has become somewhat self-conscious of her appearance, along with her self esteem. However her time spent with her Autobot companion, Silverhatch, her confidence is building back up, along with her feelings for the Cybertronian.

This OC was drawn and belongs to me.
Hey guys, Ice here. I wanted to let you guys know that I've created a wattpad account and have published a transformers x RWBY crossover story there. I'm planning on posting art work for the crossover here, so if you are interested in it, go check it out. My account name is Ice-Twolf. Hope you guys check it out and enjoy! Have a nice day.


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I'm just a young guy, that's got some free time on his hands for a few months. I'm more of a writer, than an artist, but I do enjoy drawing and I'll probably post work of my own characters from my stories on Wattpad. My username is IceTwolf. I hope people enjoy my work, wether it be art or writing.


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