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I come up with these nice story ideas but I never can actually write to them and it makes me sad because from time to time there are these scenes that just float around in my head and when I try and write them down they may as well be gibberish or just a blank document.

So if anyone was curious, this is what I had come up with today-

Almost everyone has a special power. They're just human, but sometime a long while back people suddenly started to have powers. However, it was never meant to be for a human body and therefore since their powers develop as they grow, they die when it becomes too much to bear. People without powers are regarded as the members of society with the most wisdom and therefore occupy the highest positions (they're super old and have been there forever and no one really remembers when this started because everyone's too busy dying to remember really). Everyone feels different about his or her powers. There are those who love them, hate them, and just live life normally. There is a faction across the supposed superiority of the regular humans, mostly led by those who are either clueless about what's really going on, those who are power-hungry and those that feel as though the people with powers should be in charge. But what's really going on behind the scenes? Turns out the normal humans aren't human at all- they're actually immortal beings. Maybe they're the ones who gave the humans their powers? But what are they trying to accomplish by doing so and why has it been kept a secret for so long?

Anyway my main character was going to be a boy named Daren who has the power to "walk in dreams". He's a pretty laid-back character, kind of arrogant and selfish but tries his best to keep that to himself. He loves his power, loves having a power as a whole (he flaunts it constantly, in fact) but he doesn't really use it for the good of anyone else. So why this story will revolve around him is because he's tried to walk in the dreams of all different types of people. Guess what he's not the first to look into the dreams of the "normal" humans, but he is the first to start wondering why they're different. The more he tries to find out, the more he can't escape the truth. Meanwhile, there's always his imminent death by dreams and since he's really freaked out by that, he's wanting to know if somehow he can prevent that too, on the side (maybe those immortal creatures that he will find out about will help him with that, eh??).

ok ice it's six in the morning stop trying to write and stop getting frustrated when nothing actually comes out
ugh if anyone (and by anyone i'm actually just talking about kestrad since you're the only one who actually watches me??) wants to use this feel free ok

i swear this looked more impressive on a word doc ok
i will go to sleep now i am sad