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K-Crabs by IcetheWarriorMage K-Crabs :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 6 0 Big Dog by IcetheWarriorMage Big Dog :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 5 0
A Little Butterfly
A little Butterfly
Laces 'round the leaves
Under the bubble sky.
Through the meadows, it weaves.
Fluttering Butterfly,
Stain'd glass of bright green -
It's wings, brighter than, why,
Than any I've seen!
Spiralling Butterfly,
Wings laced with bright Threads,
Drifts to where you lie,
'Pon the tulip beds.
You gaze up at the Butterfly's flight,
Stain'd glass of irises green -
Your eyes, shining like a starry night,
The most beautiful I've seen...
That little Butterfly,
'Pon thy nose, alights,
A whisper of your sigh,
Wings cover thy sight.
Stain'd wings of brightest green -
Mirrors for thy eyes,
You smile - purest that's been,
My heart speaks no lies...
Your little Butterfly
Flaps once, twice, then thrice.
Your sweet laugh... Why, oh, why
Does it sound so nice?
Breathless, breathless,
Beholding thy sight.
Hateless, hateless,
You glow with soft light
Your little Butterfly,
It took off & flew,
And he wonders - why, why,
Can't he stay with you?
You smile that purest smile,
And trace through Ro
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 4 4
Oppose SOPA and PIPA by IcetheWarriorMage Oppose SOPA and PIPA :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 1 2 Oppose Oppression by IcetheWarriorMage Oppose Oppression :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 0 0 DarkSteel Sliver by IcetheWarriorMage DarkSteel Sliver :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 0 24 Alone... by IcetheWarriorMage Alone... :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 8 420
Bathroom Bawl...
   Where's the bathroom?! thought Sonic the Hedgehog, Hero of Mobius, frantically. Earlier, at lunch, he had had too much soda to drink; now he's paying the price. He was far from his house--and far away from about anything!
   He decided just to head off in a random direction. He came upon New Mobotropolis! He zoomed through into the city's boundaries, looking around in urgency. He saw a familiar red echidna standing nearby, perusing a menu. "Hey! Knux!" Sonic called out, dashing over to Knux.
   "Yeah?" He turned around and looked at Sonic with his violet eyes.
   "Where's the bathroom?!"
   Knux flinched. "Er... It's on the other side of Mobotropolis," he replied, a slight, barely visible smile across his face.
   "It's not funny!" Sonic shouted as he began to run to the other side of the city. He regretted shouting out, he nearly went right then and there. He immediately skidded to a st
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 13 103
Happy Twentieth... Sonikku... by IcetheWarriorMage Happy Twentieth... Sonikku... :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 6 56
Once Upon A Time...
A precaution: This is a yaoi fan fic.
   In another place, once upon a time, sat two hedgehogs on a sturdy tree branch. This branch was like no other, it was wide enough to let these two hedgehogs sit back-to-back, and it hung right above the sparkling water. Once upon a time. Heh. For what? There are times long passed when many things used to happen. When enemies were friends, when one loves what that one fears later, many things...
One of the hedgehogs lowered his bare feet into the cool water, it had a light current, and a few koi. He smiled as the koi lightly kissed the soles of his feet and toes. It was relaxing, having your feet in the water that brushed by ever so gently, and the fish playing with your feet.
   They were at peace, once upon a time...
   "Shadow?" asked one of the hedgehogs.
   "Hm, Sonic?" replied the other.
   Sonic took a few moments to answer. Then, "Will we always come here?"
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 9 37
With a swish of black,
The waters turn cold,
& flowers crackle... Turn back...
These signs are what's told...
With an eery moan,
They glide o'er land...
They reap thoughts, eat souls they've sewn...
Together, you band!
Cast a spell of light!
Flee, you dark monsters!
From the light of its might
'Til the flower stirs!
With an eery moan,
They all glide away...
Back over who's souls were sewn...
Where to? None can say...
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 6 6
Mature content
Saved... :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 2 26
   Leminok the Night Owl. He blends in the night with his feathers of darkest blue. His great yellow eyes seem to glow in the dark, spying on everything, and everyone, around him; twisting his head left and right and behind him. His beak is as yellow as his eyes. Great feathers, marked at the ends with tribal patterns of gray, hang from his head like echidnan dreadlocks. The tribal patterns, from the back, are shaped as if clawed fingers are gripping the feathers. Grey tribal markings cut across his chest, legs, and arms. Tribal patterns of grey also adorn his gloves, not disimilar to flames; the flamelike pattern has a broken look. His shoes are of the lightest, toughest leather, tribal patterns also adorn them, the color of grey. They don't have laces, but instead they stretch and fit snugly over his feet.
   He is a little shorter than Espio, but no less of a shinobi. He can run quickly from place to place almost noiselessly, as if he glides. He also do
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 4 0
I Am... The Story Begins...
   Who am I? He thought. Where do I come from? What happened to me? Who is...? I can't remember. I can't remember anything. I know my name. Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. But it troubles me. Shadow stared out at the rolling grass hills in front of him, he was in a park, thinking again. His red markings shone dully from the sunset over the tall buildings. The wind rustled the trees softly, a few leaves blew past his legs, but he didn't care. His mouth was in a frown, such a contemplating frown.
   His feet stepped across the grass unconsciously, uncaring of his destination, he didn't have one. A light gust pushed its way through the trees, as if it wanted Shadow. His arms were crossed, he felt something a bit weighty strike his back, he stopped and turned his head to it. He uttered a confused sound as he looked down at a blooming rose, its crimson petals streaked with a lighter red, its stem cut. Its shaft was completely smooth of thorns, two le
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 4 67
After The Rain...
Sonic didn't sleep that night. He stayed awake, to protect the one he saved. He had rescued Amy from the Dark Gaia monsters. She had been beaten and scratched, but he saved her. He had licked her wounds during the night. He cradled her now, near the early, cold morning hours. He was sad, but at the same time, grateful. Sad because she went through this, grateful because he saved her. He held her now, close to him. His fluffy fur warm and comrforting. His emerald eyes looked down to Amy with sadness. "I'm sorry...Amy." He whispered, then he smiled. "But I saved you, and that's what counts."
The morning sun was coming, the stars twinkled out and the skies turned to a very dim blue. Some clouds were out, they looked as if they were torn pieces from the sky.
"It's going to be morning soon." Chip said, poking at the embers of the dead fire. Sonic only nodded, then gazed at the mouth of the cave, it's wide open maw toothless, showing the outside world. After a while, Amy stirred. Sonic gaspe
:iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 15 97
Terra Destructem... After... by IcetheWarriorMage Terra Destructem... After... :iconicethewarriormage:IcetheWarriorMage 4 56
Dis my gallery of newest pieces of art. :3

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Greetings one and all. I am Ice the Rabbit, Flawed Sapphire, and Consort to Kindness. I am a traditional artist, woodworker, nerd, heavy nerd, Let's Player and Podcaster, Hyper Literatologist (If it doesn't exist, it does now!), and fanboy of many series. I'm kicking my artistic desires into gear, just gotta get the clutch right. :icondragonnodplz:
I know not of what to say about myself, really.

  • Reading: Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Watching: Octaneblue playing Monster Hunter
  • Playing: Monster Hunter: Generations
Yep, apparently after reviving my page, you guys decide to make it to 23,000 page views! Thanks, guys! I'll be sure to keep on going, knowing that there are others who's actually interested in what I do. CX

I also want to take time to give a shout out to a friend of mine
A good friend of mine who does excellent shading (there is an excellent shaded cherry. If you want help with le shading, here's a good opportunity) and really loves to roleplay (good at it, too), and really loves Sonic and Spyro. So go check out SirSonicBoom3 if you can or want. :icondragonnodplz:

Another about out for who's hosting this poll to shout out to someone else who needs help… by commissioning that artist in the poll with funding food and stuff. Check it out, and if you can't help directly, do so by sending encouragement and support with love and light. We are abundant, so radiate forth such. CX
I mean, if you want to.



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