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Hi you guys!
I was recently searching for some art with good lighting to feature and this is what I found :)
These artworks are all really nice, so go and check out the artists :)

Portrait practice by Jickleberry
Hunter by josegoncalo
This is the second watcher feature. Again I want to thank all of you for supporting me :) If you like these works go ahead and check the creators out! :) (Smile)

Lady Winter by IgnisFatuusII Rose - Tales Of Zestiria by Ghostlyfail  Evil Tale by RodrigoSilvaDantas Tomb Raider by RowenHebing PRE CUT TRIAL 6 LARGER FILE STOCK ( CLEANED CUT). by scratzilla
10 point adopts (open) by Ievel Mechanik by Frostuin Unity at Last by BlenderAddict Dishonored///LOW CHAOS by Crowtheassassin
<da:thumb id="653815382"/> Halloween 2016 by amritasoda Tea In Front Of Japanese Print by Eif-ka Caught in unexpected snowfall by pnn32 Hrs by cometdragonfly
1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza by GeckoNeon Grandparents by silverz777 Smile for the Andriod! by Shadowtails-Derol galaxy girl diva gif. by KirstyDMoon Birthday Wish by akikun-cgi
Not big only arm muscle. by rickgrade3 Two Worlds - Cover Art for August Yuri Story by catCode Inktober Day 10 - Fly High! by FullMetalOwlChemist Locked out of heaven by Milavana
Colliding Dreams by FlitsArt Eileen Berselion Universo uno!| Fairy Tail 489 by Sawadatsuna-kun Romantic campfire by Voleuro Lost Promise by MizaT11 House 1 by Nikola3D
Naruto Shipuden by WahyuWidiyanto Living Room Scene by ScienceSkills DECEBAL by danpatratzel
So this is the first watcher feature. There will be a second one.
I want to thank all of you again for supporting me and want to give some of the love back. These are my favorite works of my watchers, if you like them go ahead and check them out! :)

Uta / Tokyo Ghoul by Frozen--Sky Aelryndel by Anomenon Wallpaper Python Programming by artgh Yukanti II by the-first-seer Judy Hopps- Night Howlers by Bushaqua<da:thumb id="635787961"/>

Dragon by huypamcla Majin Devil Vegeta SSBLACK  by 95flipp Blender Blender by zanzio A simple plant by CocoPanda21 Poll Winner- Soul Eater: Maka and Soul by NekoB00 Water drop simulation by gendosplace Rarity and Spike by BreeStarlight
Loneliness in the Shelter. by chinchongcha True Colors by MadameDisaster Tracer - The World Needs More Heroes by EvilPowny Super Nova by AthanStudios<da:thumb id="646514650"/> me as a yugioh duelist. by Dimitron75
3D - Babies Room by M-Ehab robot girl by midnight-huntres Triangleswirl by Thaddius777 I'm your little gift! by Martith<da:thumb id="636502690"/> A Warm Morning by ioitami
Photo study by ScarredAce Rose by farbwirbel [MMD] Are you leave me? by SarinaCFG Img 20160123 100517 by Animeblu Miraculous Gemstones by Tears-of-Xion Vegetto by mascotruby
<da:thumb id="620678667"/> Firstbackground1 1 by RHAMUS Jodie Beyond Two Souls -By Talia by TaliaMHX Thoughtful ... by breecolors Repent for your sins- Zeref The black wizard by marco-diyan FE:A Robin (fem) / Avatar by Daemillu
Rain from above (Nude) by SacrificAbominat Charakter (Skizze) by BoubiGames Neon by FCCatastrophe Yuka by ShualeeCreativity Hinazuki Kayo by dr-light13 Totoro by HizkiFW Broken Wing by Gubly The thief by 4tailkitsune Pinky by DiV4Online
Jai Courtney Quote by Sashasonic -Blue Exorcist- Rin Okumura by rambowcomit SLY MARBO by Cromwell300 Re:zero Rem and Ram by Meowmeowgirlx R.a.n.d.o.m p.i.c.t.u.r.e n.8 by Nattys Elseworld by Carwailea Brot by Eisschweif
Oh Deer by KraziKitteh ..::Without The Lights::.. by themandii<da:thumb id="621418633"/> The green bottle by Tellurian84 Old Regrets by Gaalad Come As You Are by AllEagerThumbs Mightyena Gijinka Human Form dark woods by Chris13Cosplays
There are a lot of exams coming up for me in December (8 infact) and it really annoys me quite a bit. I recently recovered from my long lasting state of artblock and have so many ideas, but no time to execute them. I will also participate in Blender Guru's Christmas competition and spend a lot of time on my entry (already finished sketching out my idea). So I hope you guys won't mind waiting a few weeks for a new image. I will probably post some WIPs of my contest entry though. :)