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I had my surgery almost a month ago (Feels a lot shorter) And it's been really hard. They ended up take all of my 2 feet of my small intestine and one ft of my colon and for good measure  my appendix. :( I had to stay in the hospital for much longer than they thought because my stomach froze for 2 weeks and I couldn't eat anything. I also have no use of my large instestine right now so I keep passing out of dehydration; So I'm down to 98lbs. I REALLY freaken hate having an ostomy and will be dancing my way to the hospital in May to get my intestine reconnected and back inside of me. Weird to put here, but I don't want people on facebook to say I just don't have enough "faith" to cure myself.
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Just wanted to get this out to no one in particular...I visited a surgeon today. I have had crohn's disease for 5 years and today they told me that it has gotten so bad that I need to get a temporary ostomy (look it up :P) I also need to get about a foot of intestine removed :( I'm really freaked out by this...
1st week
I think I have a fever, I feel a little warm.
But it's not that bad, How are you?
No,don't worry.
I can easily go to class like this.
Yeah, I'll take care, don't worry.
Thoughts*A day out with a fever can't harm.*

Sup? How am I feeling?
My stomach hurts a little,
Nothing serious,don't worry.
How it feels? A bit like cramps.
Yeah probably just sore from yesterday.
Yes, I can handle it, don't worry.
*It's nothing, I can go to the party.*

2nd week
Oh hey… I don't feel so good today.
Anyway, How was your trip?
Why don't I fell good?
Well, I feel sore and tired, but don't worry.
The doctor said it was nothing, no flu.
What? No!It's a short walk, don't worry
Yes, I will be there!
Tell me more about your trip.
*Afterall, I was home sick every day last week.*

Sorry I can't come… my stomach is flipping out.
Huh? Yeah, I fainted...
Who told you?
Yeah I was just lightheaded I guess.
Yes, it still hurts, but don't worry.
It's probably just a bad flu or bug.
I'll just take a Tylenol to help it, don't worry.
Yeah I'll take it easy. 
*This sucks eggs*

3rd week
H-hello… I feel so sick and weak. How was the concert?
Everything hurts… I am so warm… but don't worry!
It's nothing just tell me about the concert!
Please, I beg you. I don't want to go to the doctor.
It's nothing serious, I swear… d-don't worry for me.
nggg………… it hurts……. so much......
*This isn't good*

Hmm… my body is really just going crazy.
It feels like someone is stabbing me and beating me with a bat… but don't worry.
The doctor said my blood work looks normal. Yeah, just a poke.
He said I have to go to the hospital to talk with the doctors… but please don't worry.
*I feel so terrible………
all the time.*

I don't want to talk about it…….
please stop sounding so serious when you're talking about me…..
No I haven't lost weight!
Well maybe you shouldn't call me anymore!
sigh...sorry, I'm just tense.
Just p-please stop freaking out okay?
I-I'mmm............*everything's getting hazy*
Please don't wo……. -thunk-

*I'm scared…….…..*

4th week:

… Don't act all innocent.
You know why I'm pissed.
I don't like the hospital, why did we have to go here?
I'm NOT going back.
No, I'm not worried and you shouldn't be either!
*I am strong… I'm not pathetic, I'm not weak, I'm not one of those sick people you donate money to*
I don't need your help
-sharp breath- argggggg
it's nothing, please don't…
The doctor sounded so serious... I don't like what he said.
*Blood samples.hospitalization. SURGERY, different, different, different, different......*
Ugh…… why does it hurt so much?
No, don't sound so worried… I'm fine…

Hey, why were you talking so seriously on the phone?
It's them, isn't it?
What are they saying? Please don't worry…
Hospitalization…? Oh…I don't think so.
No… I'm fine…it's true! Don't worry…
Please don't….

Don't worry
Don't worry
Don't worry
Don't worry for me!!!!!!
I'm scared
I'm scared
I'm scared
I'm scared
I AM SO SCARED!!!! I'm afraid you'll never look at me the same!
I'm afraid of this never going away! I'm afraid of no one ever loving me! I'm afraid of being a bother, a burden! I'm afraid of never being able to do as well as others! I'm afraid of not being able to fulfill my dreams! I'm afraid of going under the knife! I'm afraid of dieing before everyone else! I'm afraid of the government saying I'm not worth it! I'm afraid of not being able to afford my medication! I'm afraid of forever being alone! I'm afraid of being left behind! I'm afraid to tell you how I feel! I'm afraid to open up to people! I'm afraid of being thought of as weak! PLEASE DON'T ABANDON ME!

What? oh no....y-you hung up....
I-I went to f-far.
*I can't stop crying*
I just want to die! 

Huh? What's that noise?

Wait!? How did you get in here!?
Yeah I guess I do leave the door unlocked to often.
I'm sorry for what I said...I...I was just venting...please don't..
*She's hugging me*
Why? Why did you come? 
Please don't stop, it's so hard. 
I'm so sorry I made you worry, I'm so so sorry!
*I can't believe she stayed*
Thank you. Thank you so much.