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Just wanted to officially inform you guys that I've moved to envoi-de-fleurs and all artwork will be posted on there from now on. :3 I appreciate every one of my watchers and it's been quite a journey! If I do take any stock pictures I'll likely post them on here, but otherwise you can find me there from now on. 
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When we hear the word "privileged" we assume that it is in reference to the Royal family, or the Kardashians, or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio... 
I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about you. I'm talking about my own self. I don't know if you all have fully realized this, but in America (and other countries-- likely if you're using the internet and whatnot, you're included), we live ridiculously healthy, safe, luxurious lives. It's an issue I've been facing a lot, lately. If you're wondering what exactly I'm going on about here, I'm talking about the millions of children worldwide that don't receive that. I'm talking about the children forced to be in child armies, the families that are lucky to get a small meal in everyone's bellies, for just once in a day. I'm talking about the girls, not unlike myself, that are seen as property and nothing more. Isn't it messed up? This video is super inspirational, though, and I truly suggest you all see it.

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Eye color woes.

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The above applying to my lack of eye color. Okay, let me explain. My eyes are a constantly changing kaleidoscope. It's beyond annoying. I would generally say they're either blue or green, but it depends on what light I'm in. I'm pretty convinced they're actually grey with green and blue bits in them, but they've also got a teensy bit of brown around my pupil. I think it's highly annoying. I honestly just want a valid eye color! Anyone else have this problem and/or other variations of 'odd' eyes?

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I'll be adding in more dog stock, specifically American Eskimo, within the next few days, so keep an eye out!

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So, if any of you all are familiar with The Pretty Little Liars series, you ought to know I read them- what- 5 years ago? I think that's about right. Well, I wouldn't want to spoil anything for you, and if you aren't familiar with the books, I highly suggest you not continue this post. The show and books are not even in the same realm might I add.
--------------SPOILERS BEYOND HERE-------------------
After reading Sara Shephard's Ali's pretty little lies a new character, Nick, was introduced. The book was also entirely told from "Ali's" (real Courtney's) point of view. It was discovered that Courtney is actually innocent in all of this- Ali is truly the psychotic twin that couldn't stand sharing the spotlight and thus put her sister, Courtney, in the mental hospital. Courtney, home on a weekend, successfully convinced her parent's that she was real Ali. (Which she wasn't). "Ali" dropped her old friends and plucked four girls out of loserdom-- they became her new clique. She could do that because she simply was "Alison DiLaurentis". The book entirely makes so much sense and matches the other girls's stories (heartless, burned, wicked all of those) yet it is Ali's and Ali's point of view alone. "Ali" meets a guy that "Courtney" (real Ali) knew. She knew nothing of him, but he evidently was the only one not caught under her sister "Courtney's" charm at summer camp in 5th grade (when real Courtney would have been locked away, real Ali wasn't). This makes "Ali" want him so much more. Fast forward to the end and "Ali", or shall I say real Courtney? is in a hole about to die, when her sister reveals she can't kill her, though she wishes she had the strength to do so. Lo and behold, someone else shows up and helps her finish the job, and the real Courtney is dead.
I think it is Nick.
:bulletgreen: "Courtney's" friend Tripp from The Preserve (psycho hospital) got transferred "elsewhere" according to her around the time when "Ali" met Nick.
:bulletyellow: Nick said he had one other girlfriend-- with a real psycho friend. (HELLO IRIS?)
:bulletred: It was a voice "Ali" knew well that helped kill her.
:bulletorange: "Courtney" was unsure if her accomplice would show-- is that because she was concerned he'd really grown feelings for her twin?
:bulletblue: Nick was someone none of the girls, her mother, or anyone else knew of. She'd made sure to not even mention him in her diary. It's almost like... he didn't exist. At least, not to the other people's knowledge.
Anyway, not that anyone cares about this, but I felt like I needed to get this out. xD

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Thank you.

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