What petty, privileged lives.

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When we hear the word "privileged" we assume that it is in reference to the Royal family, or the Kardashians, or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio... 
I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about you. I'm talking about my own self. I don't know if you all have fully realized this, but in America (and other countries-- likely if you're using the internet and whatnot, you're included), we live ridiculously healthy, safe, luxurious lives. It's an issue I've been facing a lot, lately. If you're wondering what exactly I'm going on about here, I'm talking about the millions of children worldwide that don't receive that. I'm talking about the children forced to be in child armies, the families that are lucky to get a small meal in everyone's bellies, for just once in a day. I'm talking about the girls, not unlike myself, that are seen as property and nothing more. Isn't it messed up? This video is super inspirational, though, and I truly suggest you all see it.

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