Eye color woes.

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The above applying to my lack of eye color. Okay, let me explain. My eyes are a constantly changing kaleidoscope. It's beyond annoying. I would generally say they're either blue or green, but it depends on what light I'm in. I'm pretty convinced they're actually grey with green and blue bits in them, but they've also got a teensy bit of brown around my pupil. I think it's highly annoying. I honestly just want a valid eye color! Anyone else have this problem and/or other variations of 'odd' eyes?

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I have plain blue eyes, very blue, ocean blue. I wish I had colour changing/colour variation eyes! It's sounds so cool! :XD:
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Bahaha, blue eyes are pretty! Mine used to be (when I was little) extremely blue, but now I don't even know. Having color changing eyes can be cool, at times, but then you never know what color to tell people! xD
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Blue is boring, wanna trade? :XD:
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