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This year, I believe this was a challenge for me making this wig

I used almost 2 wigs.

Was really heavy, almost 3Kgs

But I enjoyed n_n even thou I know I'm not skinnny enough to make this character, I love Jessie's personality

This is a preview of the upcomming Photo-session a friend dear of mine made for me

Sorry that my hair it's showing up u.u it's really hard to put inside the wig T-T

Anime: Pokemon
Character: Jessie - Team Rocket
Cosplayer: Me
Costume- Make- wig work: Me
Photography: Frederick Acurero

If you want to see more of this photographer here's his Flirck

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xD hahaha this one [link] it's the presentation in my country xD ... Hope you enjoy it
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That was a neat link! Nice to get a peek inside Venezuela! Awesome Team Rocket routine, loved it! If my wife and I get a chance to visit your country, we'll be sure to ask you if anything is going during our visit! (And if you have any local contacts that could be helpful, for transportation, etc, let me know)

Next time, Ash needs to get whipped, lol...
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Ohhhh off course... Hahaha I'll be glad to help you if you got the chance to visit n.n Just let me know and I'll be search for anything in my chance...

I don't live in the capital, I live in Merida, if you check online, you'll see how Nice this place is.. n_n
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It is a nice place, looked it up in my book and online: [link] Very interesting, hope that cable car comes back into operation! I'll keep my fingers crossed about the merger and hopefully will get a chance to visit more of S. America soon, thanks for your reply!
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Your welcome
And yeahh the cable car comes back... it gets you to the highest place in Merida, right now they're finishin remodelating the place...
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Sounds great, hope that merger will happen so my family can fly straight from USA to Caracas or Maricaibo and go from there!
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I believe you'll have to land in Caracas, Maiquetia...

I don't know if they're direct fly to Maracaibo
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El cosplay y la foto quedaron brutales *-*
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Gracias~ Debo agradecer a Fred por la foto~~... n_n
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